The Uplift World: Creative vs. Survival Modes

  • Creative mode breeds a world of fantastic visions.

  • Survival mode adds breathtaking adventure.

Staying alive in a Survival world is challenging. Even top Minecrafters like Wattles (or Waddles- -1.2 million subscribers) sweat out a couple nightmares of death by their 32 episode of The Minecraft Guide - Tutorial Lets Play. Exploring a world of dungeons, mobs (there’s even a dragon), and pitfalls is itself a game.

Both modes allow for robust creativity. Creative mode is obviously much easier and faster for getting an idea out into the world.

You can easily tell which type of world you’re in by the hearts above your accessible carry items. They are absent in Creative mode. At present, I was only able access one Creative world- the Genesis server.

There are several nuances between the two modes. Only a few are touched upon below. The other objective is to briefly tour each word, with a focus on Shift City and the Genesis world.

Key Differences in Uplift’s Creative and Survival Worlds

Survival Mode

I’m discussing Survival mode first because I already outlined this gameplay style in An Uplift Adventure by a Minecraft Noob. If you're accustomed to Creative mode, then you need to know that flying is disabled. It can make finding your land for the first time a dangerous adventure.

Flying is still possible in Survival mode. However, the process of obtaining the requisite Elytra is a long, arduous challenge, albeit an exciting one. Note that you take your personal inventory across Survival worlds, but not your levels or score.

Creative Mode

The first thing you’ll notice about Creative mode is a busier world. The ability to freely build without concern for resources makes for fantastic, and excessively tall, structures.

Even with flying enabled, players will quickly discover pesky aerborne obstacles. Avoiding them becomes ever more menacing at Elytra (and firework boost) speeds.

Gameplay Illustration

Both modes offer unique competitiveness and creativity. Hard to imagine Minecraft absent of either. It’s no surprise that The Uplift World decided to incorporate both from the start.

To get a feel for the different attitudes and emotions, find a video that discusses subtle differences. I’ve included an exciting presentation by xNestorio (+2.5 million subscribers) and his ‘friends’. Here’s, my intelligence breifing:

In a display of showmanship, Minecrafter xNestorio combines the raw power of Creative mode with the competitiveness of Survival mode. xNestorio’s video illustrates the excitement of Minecraft’s limitless gameplay. He goes on to defeat 30 hunters in a speed run challenge.

Touring Uplift’s Various Worlds

The differences between Creative and Survival mode need to be experienced to fully appreciate. To that end, I hope you enjoy my brief world tours culminating in a flight through Genesis with a final landing in Shift City.

Beyond Genesis and Finding Finney

Remember the title of the article I presented earlier? I mention that I’m a Minecraft  noob- well, I can confirm that if you die in one Survival mode, you keep your items (at least in the Gratitude world). This is not the case in the Nemesis world or dimensions like the Nether or End (yet to visit). 

The Uplift World team maintains a collection of world maps. The first world you’ll notice is the Old World. Not a lot of activity here.

Since Genesis (and Shift City) will garner much of the attention, I’ll save it for last.

Chik'in Ka'ah (Survival). This is a strange place (word is… the founders live here). Upon entering the world, you’re left wondering how to exit the spawn area and instead, presented with a large portal to the Nether. Note that typing ‘ /spawn ‘ in Chik'in Ka'ah’s Nether does not return players to the overworld. Initially entering the Chik'in Ka'ah (beyond the spawn) takes a bit of discovery. The doorway leading out of the overworld spawn sort of appears as a painting. Check out (below) where your overworld adventure begins (hint: look through the water).

Londom (Survival). Players find themselves in a world of adventure and commerce. Straying far from the spawn’s city layout could just as easily get a player lost or in the middle of a nest of mobs- likely both. Good thing for the spawn shelter. There are some magnificent structures, free items, and networking, but watch out for player-built traps.

Gratitude (Survival). The name ‘ANYO’ (see world map @1800,1800) currently maintains the largest development on Gratitude. It’s not that far from the world spawn. Though, it’s a slight challenge to enter this plot and view the amazing water pyramid. On Gratitude I saw my first turtle and maybe… and an Axolotl? A Zombie even brought me a Nautilus shell- another first! (Total noob:). Will definitely spend more time here. Do be mindful that the world spawn, while enclosed, exists in exceedingly dangerous surroundings.

Thoon. Unable to access with a return message of ‘not on the whitelist’. Though Thoon does appear as an available in-game server. Hmm…

R’Planet’s Swineland and Borvallis (Survival). These lands required an associated R’Plannet land to be minted. A heard of cats greeted me on Swineland. The Borvallis spawn area sort of reminded me of Upluft. Both are Survival worlds. Development is scattered, but there is this thing just floating over the Borvallis world spawn.

Upluft (Survival). I’m currently spending most of my time here learning the game, amassing resources and developing the Aviator’s Lounge and Tree House. Most of the information presented in An Uplift Adventure by a Minecraft Noob comes from Upluft-specific experiences.

Genesis (Creative). Wow, that was a lot to take in within one session. Good thing the FinneyCore doesn’t get tired. Well on to Shift City, but first, a quick flyby of a few of my favorite Genesis creations:

Where to begin? Shift City really deserves it’s own article (read The Uplift World BLDRZ: Featuring Sean Ballent and Shift City for deeper insight). Also, mixing in pre-Finney_2.0 stuff while touring all of Uplift means me not needing to say ‘spoiler alert’.

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