Gotta be honest here. In some ways I think Garry Guzzler is right. The BTC market is still too open to manipulation and fraudulent trading behaviours to be ready for a spot-market ETF. It seems clear to me that certain early adopters that accumulated enormous amounts of BTC and certain exchanges that offer leveraged trading continue to manipulate the markets in their favor, whether it be a liquidity hunt for big buyers or simply clearing the order books of over-leveraged greedy traders. The fact that these 2 examples alone can be achieved with ease and efficiency in the BTC market tells me that we are simply not ready for a spot-market ETF and that some form of regulation may be inevitable eventually.

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VanEck's investors in the Turkish stock market (BIST) by making manipulation and speculative movements in the past

They were not allowed to enter the crypto world because there was no trust in the company and its owner.

So a decision has been made about trust. VanEck's company is valued today at $13,639,395. maybe

The company may not have given confidence in terms of value...

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The fact that we´re in talks of approving Bitcoin ETFs is a great sign that we´re moving forward.

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