Writer x Collect.Social

Way back in early July we put the call out for community support to get the Writer collection added to collect.social, a social platform that rewards collectors for attaining sets.

To win the nomination, a hard task was laid before us. We needed to acquire $RACOON coins, and then use them to vote for the Writer collection. With each $RACOON donated toward a project tallied on a leaderboard, Writer needed to hold out the #1 position against all donations made across the week ending Sunday 11 July, 2021.

To help bolster our chances, our generous founders put on some amazing prizes for the top supporters. Up for grabs was a limited edition 1 of 3 Caveman Finney, as well as seven Genesis Finney Coins which were subsequently delivered to the top three place-getters. 

Here’s a quick recap on the winners, as they can never have too much recognition for their amazing contributions:

  • 1st / Loslakers / 115,000 votes - Caveman Finney

  • 2nd / Albeit_J / 105,000 votes - 5 Genesis Finney Coins

  • 3rd / DoctorPoon / 84,000 votes - 2 Genesis Finney Coins

And then?

All of that feels like it happened a long time ago. So we won, now what?

Well, it’s time to get collecting, that’s what!

Published today, Writer collections are now available on collect.social. Here’s a breakdown of the collections we’ve loaded in:

Collections 1 to 5 - CryptoFinney

These five collections consist of two pieces each, and feature none other than perhaps the most iconic of all current Writer NFT’s, the 1.0 CryptoFinneys.

  1. Platinum CryptoFinney Light and Platinum CryptoFinney Dark

  2. Iridium CryptoFinney Light and Iridium CryptoFinney Dark

  3. Gold CryptoFinney Light and Gold CryptoFinney Dark

  4. Palladium CryptoFinney Light and Palladium CryptoFinney Dark

  5. Rhodium CryptoFinney Light and Rhodium CryptoFinney Dark

Collections 6 to 9 - BTCminer Airdrops

These four collections consist of each of the five character airdrops that were sent to members that were holding the relevant BTCminers at the scheduled times.
Rhodium was omitted from this series because there are literally zero Rhodium character cards on the WAX blockchain.

  1. Platinum Floppy, Mr Shift, Snap, Rolo and Finney character cards

  2. Iridium Floppy, Mr Shift, Snap, Rolo and Finney character cards

  3. Gold Floppy, Mr Shift, Snap, Rolo and Finney character cards

  4. Palladium Floppy, Mr Shift, Snap, Rolo and Finney character cards

Collection 10 - Chapter One Promo Cards

This is close to my favourite collection of all posted to collect.social, and features the three original promo cards that were issued in the early days. With only 100 Finney’s Arrival and Cryptowriter cards issued, and only 200 Shift Gold cards issued, this collection may be tougher to put together than you’d think.

  1. Finney’s Arrival, Shift Gold and Cryptowriter promo cards

Collection 11 - Behind The Pixel

Now before I even announce this set, let me just say that these sets are appearing in no particular order. If they were though, this one would be right up the top. The eleventh Writer collection to make it on to collect.social is the iconic Behind The Pixel series, curated by the one and only NFTJoe, and produced by our amazing Behind The Pixel artists.

  1. Yusaymon, Stephen Lotus, Bulging Idiot, Joe Chiappetta and Eric Stowe’s respective Behind The Pixel pieces

Collection 12 - Publication NFTs

Some of the more coveted, and difficult to secure Writer NFTs are of course the Publication NFTs that are distributed for the comments of the week left on articles across our fleet of Writer publications. Not an easy set to put together, collectors must either win or otherwise secure one each of the Cryptowriter, NFTwriter, BTCwriter and ETHwriter NFTs to be eligible for this set's rewards.

  1. Cryptowriter, NFTwriter, BTCwriter and ETHwriter Publication NFTs

Collection 13 - The Red Dragon

While we intentionally left out the airdropped full Red Dragon, collectors must hold all three dragon pieces in order to cross this collection of their list.

  1. Dragon Pieces 1, 2 and 3 (the full dragon is not required)

Collection 14 - MemberDrop Characters

Perhaps the least cohesive of our sets, this is where the myriad of incidental and peripheral Writer NFTs will live. Currently consisting of OG Crackhead, WarFinney and Alvin Kelly, this final set is perhaps the crème of the crop in terms of Jon Trafford’s pixel art and should be very enjoyable for any collector to put together.

  1. OG Crackhead, WarFinney and Alvin Kelly

Time to get rewarded

With rewards of $RACOON distributed to collectors who collect sets, and Writer currently live on collect.social, it should be an easy task for all of our community members to log in and get rewarded. 

With ~150 $RACOON currently buying one $WAX on the Alcor Exchange, the Writer community can now either top up their WAX balances just in time for the pack sale, or accumulate their $RACOONS and use them to vote their next favourite project onto the collect.social platform.

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