It may disappoint you
Hint: The problem is not Bitcoin, but rather the psychology of humans.

August 2022

Step back to see the bigger picture.
The threat is becoming clearer.
But you will wait until its price goes up anyway
Unfulfilled expectations

July 2022

Each one may be your last
And certainly not for random predictions about the future price of Bitcoin.
Eden Election Scheduling Issue The third Eden on EOS election is scheduled for July 9th. Note that you may need to re-register. There was a slight issue…

June 2022

Daniel Larimer on Fractal Democracy Dan asked the question: … If public goods generally require government subsidies how will the market profitably…
Mandel 3.1 Release Candidate #1 It’s been a long time coming, but Mandel is finally here. Baring testing and BPs finding consensus, Mandel 3.1 expects…
Consensus 2022 Deemed the biggest festival in crypto, Consensus 2022 is open to mainstream companies like American Express. The premier card company…