EOSweekly: B1 Bullish, Wyoming DAO, Chintai’s $7.5 million, EdenOS Test #2, Cryptowriter Votes on Collect.Social


Block.one changed its Twitter handle, redesigned its site, and released more details about Bullish.com. The U.S. got its first legal DAO; and it’s built on EOSIO. Chintai received a substantial amount of seed funding. More progress was made with cross-chain bridges. Apple is now in the sights of EOS developers. GenerEOS and EOS Nation seek to extend lost key protocols. Remember the second EdenOnEOS test election is happening on July 17 at 1700 UTC. This week also pitted Cryptowriter against other authors for a listing on Collect.Social.


@B1 Makeover

Block.one (now @EOSIO) gets a makeover as @B1 - first tweets? Bullish of course. Finally the announcement so many have been waiting for, Bullish exchange going public. News has already gone mainstream. More information can be found on the investor relations page on Bullish.com. The revolutionary platform will be the first to securely execute, and immutably record, all financial movements with a cross-hashed audit trail to EOS. B1 also redesigned its main site. The values that drive the company’s vision are leadership, integrity, progress, and alignment. More than a hundred projects can be found on the portfolio page, including The Writer Company. Several gaming ventures are there as well (including Mythical). No B1wire this week.


The state of Wyoming has been a strong, independent supporter of cryptocurrencies. Some diehards (e.g. miners) flocked there believing it to be a safe haven. With decentralized autonomous organizations now finding legal ground, Wyoming sets an undeniable precedent to which the rest of the United States cannot ignore. 

American CryptoFed DAO ….is the first DAO to gain approval in Wyoming.

The bill was passed on April 21, 2021… and became effective on July 1. It reads:

AN ACT relating to corporations; providing for the formation and management of decentralized autonomous organizations…

With that, American Cryptofed DAO became the first legally recognized DAO in the US. It’s built on EOSIO of course.

Chintai's Massive Seed to Funding

Singapore-based Chintai received $7.5 million in funding from a group of investors led by Block.one. The company is said to modernize capital markets through asset tokenization. Chintai focuses on efficiency, liquidity, and fractional ownership. Liquidity in particular has been a key concern for the EOS ecosystem. The funding follows last month's partnership announcement with Chimera Wealth. Mark Bailey covered the story in greater detail early this week.

ETH and other Cross-chain Bridges

With Bullish’s imminent release, it's time to focus on cross-blockchain bridges like those linking Ethereum dapps. The DAPP Network offers a world of opportunity, but is significantly limited by the lack of liquidity on EOS. This is something that Bancor can help solve. DAPP tokens would become available without having to purchase EOS. It's an opportunity to indirectly infuse the ecosystem with more liquidity. Unlike Etthereum, there are many more thinking-outside-the-box opportunities on EOS. More than this, imagine the best of both worlds. What would the EOS ecosystem be like if an Ethereum Virtual Machine functioned at a high level as a standard?

A lot of Flair around EOS these Days, Including an Apple App

Part talent show, part social media, the Flair app for Apple (and recently Android) is a brilliant concept, especially for the social dynamic that exists today. There's just so much talent wishing to demonstrate creativity and worth. The Flair app is centered around head-to-head videos. Members compete for votes to win daily prizes of $100 to $1,000.  Here's what @cryptoPicasso had to say:

Thanks to @EOSEden for putting the spotlight on Flair.

GenerEOS and EOS Nation on Lost Key Extension

Recovering lost EOS genesis keys remains an issue. GenerEOS found strong community support behind lost key recovery. An initial automated system was put into place in 2019 with the caveat of accounts being unused and holding less than 100k EOS. GenerEOS proposes another extension, this time for 5 years through June 2026. EOS Nation reviewed and approved the GenerEOS proposed MSIG.

Around EdenOnEOS: ELECTION #2 ON JULY 17 @1700 UTC

The new EverythingEOS commenced with a press release by the first EdenOnEOS Satoshi, Chris Barnes. You may have heard rumors of an EdenOnEOS sponsored block producer. It's now a reality. The BP of the people is quickly climbing up the ranks. Both moves are efforts toward becoming independent through self-funding. Remember the second mock election is less than a week away. Register here. For those new to the process, follow this link. Also visit EdenEOS.org for an overview of what to expect and some links and descriptions to what happened during the first test election. 

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: Collect.Social Listing

Win a Caveman Finney or multiple Finney Coins for supporting Cryptowriter in its endeavor to join Collect.Social. Are Adam Carswell's pop-ups on SHIFT Live becoming a thing? There was  also a pizza party to celebrate 1K subscribers. Getting your Cryptowriter membership NFT is something special. @Albeit_j is our latest member. Joining the writer team this week was Mike Difeo with ArtVndngMchn 2 - Art Breakdown. ArtVndngMchn 2 completed a drop on July 10th with 25% going to charity. Want more Cryptowriter articles that help support a healthy EOS ecosystem? Check out:

Some of the other Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week:


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