EOSweekly: ENF, Pomelo, EOSTARTER, Dan/Aaron Interview, Join EOS Discord

ENF’s Third Wave boosts Social and Gaming. Rumor has it that Pomelo is near ready. Dan and Aaron exchanged thoughts for 50 minutes. Check out what the Master Tarter is cooking. EOS Support continues to help bridge the fiat-EOS gap. Join the EOS Discord channel if you haven’t yet. Be on the lookout… it’s HallowEOS after all.


ENF Matches Pomelo Up to $500K

What’s sure to be many more to come, the EOS Network Foundation pledged $500K to become Pomelo’s first matching partner. ENF co-Founder Yves La Rose reiterated a prevailing thought within the community:

...Contributing to the funding of public goods that benefit the wider #EOS ecosystem is one of the core pillars of the #EOSFoundation…

Pomelo and the ENF have worked together from day one. The ENF’s mission involves coordinating funding sources, guiding the community, and marketing. Pomelo provides the tools (mechanism) for selecting the most worthwhile ventures. Following in the footsteps of EOS Nation, both the ENF and Pomelo work toward the public good. Is it any wonder why these three organizations work so well together...

Third Wave of Recognition Grants Announced: Social and Gaming

Team Finney and other diehard projects already amped activity with the help of First Wave Recognition Grants. This past week, the Second Wave of DeFi R.Grants were distributed. Also this week, the ENF announced the recipients for the Third Wave of Social and Gaming R.Grants:

  • Liquid

  • Crypto Dynasty

  • Prospectors

  • Bounty Blok

  • Challenge

  • Emanate

Rounding up ENF news for this week, EosEden brought attention to the need for USDT and EOS-alts getting listed across more exchanges. USDT alone would do wonders for adding liquidity.

Join the EOS Community on Discord

Growing communities tend to gravitate to Discord. It’s about time the EOS community advanced its communication medium. Hopefully one day, either EOS Community Forums, Violet.Garden, or some other blockchain-based communication medium will handle all discussion. For now, join EOS on Discord and inquire about role assignments. We recognize that organization is key to success. Now more than ever, EOS has reason to mobilize.


To say that a lot is happening on EOS this month would be an understatement. Let’s not forget the inspiration that HallowEOS has brought over the years. From Everything EOS and Cypherglass to EOS Nation and GirlGoneCrypto, HallowEOS is a time for fun, comradery and preparation for the holiday season. With everything going on, events have been a bit low key this year. Here are a few treats:

If you’re in a partying mood, maybe check out Uplift.

Have You Been to the Master Tarter’s Bakery?

Another funding source? Yes indeed, we have that in EOSTARTER. Hard to tell which the team enjoys more, playing games or helping launch new projects. Wonderful how they’ve found a happy medium and symbiotic relationship. Help the Master Tarter cook up a storm by holding any Tart NFT and be “...eligible for benefits and rewards”. Want more? Blend ingredients to bake your very own Tart. Tokens will be eligible to claim once the Bakery opens. Find comfort knowing that TART tokens benefit the EOS community by supporting new projects. Playfulness aside, EOSTARTER tokenomics (see the chart in Medium article) are impressive with the Community Airdrop receiving 50% of the distribution.

Check Out the Latest from EOS Support

Imagine if this were your first EOS day. Maybe you have a wallet, but still feel a bit lost your first couple of weeks. You love what you’ve read so far but don’t feel as confident as you’d like. EOS Support is here to help onboard new users as well as the understanding of the EOS ecosystem. Go from fiat user to EOS community member in a couple of minutes (Thanks Randall for the inspiration). Is that even possible? Maybe you’ve visited Bitcoin.org and seen a helpful site design, but harbor doubts about a fast onboarding process. If you’ve tried the EOSIO sister chain WAX.io, hovered over Getting Started and clicked on WAX Cloud Wallet- then you know it’s possible. EOS Support adds live people. Visit EOS Support for:

  • Account creation

  • Direct chat Q & A

  • Peruse FAQs

  • Get started with projects outlined in EOSweekly

  • And much more

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

Dan Larimer interviewed Aaron Cox this week. It was as much a mind meld as a Q&A. I highlighted key points in Aaron Cox and Daniel Larimer on the Future of EdenOS and EOS. Don’t let the seemingly slow news week fool you- a lot happened this week. Maybe not much newsworthy, but progress across projects rampantly progresses. Consider the distribution of Second Wave and the subsequent announcement of Third Wave Recognition Grants. Stay up to date each week with the EdenOS Roadmap & Progress Report. If you’re really short on time, there’s always Eden Member’s recaps channel and the Event Calendar.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

If you were around last week then you know that Finney has some new friends in The Crunks. Maybe you weren’t aware of just how young the Terra blockchain (where The Crunks live) is. Characteristic of team Writer, uplifting new projects and support regardless of blockchain, The Crunks are the 6th project to launch on Terra. This week’s Edge of Obscurity with Jimmy D and Sean took place on Twitch. A Palladium Finney was given away. Sean wanted the community to know:

If you'd like to see any specific traits in 2.0, now is the time to get your requests in...

EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Other videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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