EOSweekly: EOS Foundation, EOSTARTER, WAX on Binance, Voice, EdenOS Election, Finney V1 Rewards


EOS Foundation comes alive with MSIG#2 passing. Tartiers seen approaching for an EOS invasion. WAX, an EOSIO built blockchain and often bridge network for EOS, rockets on Binance fuel. EdenOS demo a success and election date coming soon. Voice opens to the public. Finney Volume 1 rewards outlined.


!EOS Foundation!

What else needs to be said?  [pause for effect] Like Finney’s chestahedron (the inspirational symbol of EOS), the core mainnet community holds actions close to heart. EdenEOS asks:

  1. How should we start firing the first gun?

  2. Do you have EOS Projects in Need of Funding?

To fully grasp what’s going on, one must become familiar with the current mindset of Yves La Rose. He had much to say this week. Here’s the guiding principle:

Building upon tried and tested models, the #EOSFoundation will be a gateway for funding blockchain technology projects that meet the needs of the EOS ecosystem. At launch, grants will be directed to developers, businesses and individuals that have kept EOS running...

Yves went on to discuss how the EOS Foundation will take a balanced approach toward uplifting the mainnet as a whole. In addition to grant funding, he acknowledges the need for marketing and project coordination. More than this, Yves touched upon a sentiment weighing on the hearts of developers and dedicated community members alike:

The #EOSFoundation will strive to understand the fundamental needs of the ecosystem, and look for great projects who respond to those needs by enabling others to build on their developments. 

Dive deeper in Yves’ post Introducing the Pillars of the EOS Foundation.

The Tartiers by EOSTARTER

Just a few more days before Tartier Genesis NFTs land on EOS. The first NFT, POP TART, will be limited to 500. Other Genesis NFTs will be revealed soon. Holding one of these is the only way to participate in launchpad projects. Yield farming will also be an intimate part of the metaverse. For more about what the EOSTARTER team has planned, read Introducing THE TARTIERS. Here’s how the team describes its mission:

We are ...committed to delivering not only an amazing launchpad platform for new projects building on EOS, but also a compelling gaming narrative …

Join the battle between Master Tarter and the merry Tartiers vs. the greedy Dr. Fiat and the mini-bankers. You can also enter a chance to win one of 10 Genesis NFTs.

WAX on Binance Draws Attention to the Greater Ecosystem

Few outside of the WAX (and EOS) community expect easy, low-cost, and multifaceted blockchain transactions on a ‘layer-1’ solution. Upon listing on Binance, the price of WAX surged. This month's WAX Report put together by EOS Nation is sure to stand apart. Subjects discussed in the report like streaming services, community engagement and overall development of the ecosystem illustrate how undervalued WAX remains. Objectively speaking, cryptocurrency, as mandated by the Bitcoin whitepaper, was always meant for robust use cases. Transaction limitations and bottlenecks caused by operational fees can be considered a direct contradiction to the philosophical underpinnings of Satoshi’s vision. WAX shows us that it IS possible- not some day, but today! The listing on Binance makes WAX (an EOSIO-built technology) much harder to ignore. For more, read Binance Listing Boosts WAX. Oh yeah, also this week, the GenerEOS team tweeted out that WAX accounts surpassed 6 million

B1 Wire: Voice Roadmap and Public Beta (September 1)

Beginning with Residency artists, Voice 2.0 opened to a private group a few weeks ago. The public beta launches on September 1:

Voice will initially be a private blockchain. As NFT artists’ needs are understood, the team plans to move towards decentralization. Portability is key to the vision as well. The road to decentralizing the Voice blockchain is determined by achieving specific milestones. Early stages include publishing an NFT standard, transparency on a public block explored, making private keys accessible, and exporting and importing NFTs from a variety of chains including EOS and Ethereum. Read more about Voice milestones in What is Voice’s blockchain roadmap? There are open roles at Voice. Also this week from the B1 camp, Bullish Game 2 comes to an end on the 30th and Blumer drew attention to EOS’ performance.

Around EdenOnEOS: Election Date to be Set Next Week

Beyond the deafening roar announcing the birth of the EOS Foundation’s, is the quiet rumblings of the first official election via fractal democracy on a public blockchain. With a successful demo, a date for the first (non-test) EdenOS election is expected to be set this coming week. This keeps it on schedule for mid-September. Other happenings around our blossoming community include:

Also be aware of a Dan Larimer interview on Bywire News. The full video will be broadcast on Sunday. Here’s a clip: 

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

With Volume 1 out in the world, the focus now shifts to completing sets. Rewards are set aside for collecting all 21 of a set. Rarity governs reward distribution. Never a dull moment at Finney.world. The telegram channel just surpassed 2,000 members. Cryptowriter twitter is 5,000+ and growing. And now the team has its sights set on Discord to help manage a growing community. Beyond mere cryptonews, you’ll find events and contests at each of these platforms. Learn more with Finney Vol. 1 Airdrop Rewards & Raffles. As for this week’s EOS relevant Cryptowriter articles:

And from the Cryptowriter Podcast Network:

So many spectacular photos were posted of Finney Out in the World. Included image is by Sezgin, a bullish one. Here’s another, artistic one by YURY CRYPTOHUNTER.


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