EOSweekly: Voice 2.0 Beta, Green Crypto, vault.sx Timeline, EOSIO 2.1, Newdex Whitepaper V2.0, B1 Wire, EdenOS NFTs

Will Voice 2.0 Beta go live next week? Green Crypto made major headlines.  EOS Nation comforts the community with a timeline of vault.sx hack. Block.one comments on a stable EOSIO 2.1. Newdex Whitepaper V2.0 feels really hot! And as always, the Block.one Wire and CryptoFinney (Cryptowriter) Report. Don’t forget to check out new EdenOS members and their NFTs.


EdenOS Membership and NFTs

The first EdenOS memberships were minted as NFTs. The process also serves as a fund raising mechanism for the community. Chris Barnes won the Alpha Test. He announced the deposit of the 1000 EOS and reiterated the promise that it would be used for its stated purpose. Here’s what Chris said about the overall election process:

To delve deeper into Chris’ thought process as well as engage the community, visit the forums at EOSCommunity.org.

Voice Beta invites set to go out next week?

Just a week past schedule, Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo announced that beta testers can expect an invite within the coming week. Visit Voice Blog for the latest on why NFTs are part of “social as it should be”. Freely minting NFTs on a top tier social media platform will be game changing. Salah also responded to questions from the community. Hopefully the Voice team has found the right mix of creator-friendly tools that flow well within a native blockchain architecture. It’s also crucial to point out that EOS expects to be at the core of the tokenomics. Genesis members who participated in the first version of Voice can feel confident knowing that their content remains accessible via download.

Green Crypto

Up until recently, Bitcoin’s power consumption was more a matter of pride than consumption. Using more than some small countries demonstrated significance on a global scale. Brendan Blumer led the ‘green crypto’ discussion this week. He drew attention to the importance of a level playing field. Brendan also commented with Elon Musk and pointed out that green solutions are nowhere near perfect. Financial freedom doesn’t have the ring it should with respect to networking technology. Everyone would grasp how “Bitcoin mining is a free market bidding system”. Any way that crypto is perceived, it’s the greener solution in the leadership role of global finance.

Timeline of EOSX Vault Hack

As possibly the community's favorite block producer, EOS Nation really stepped up this week. In response to the vaults.sx hack, the BP was able to both work a solution while informing the community the way one should following such an incident. Not only was detailed information provided, but it was done so in a way that is undeniably clear and easily accessible. This was a textbook response, not one of mere business protocol, but of foundational fortitude. You're encouraged to visit the timeline of the hack and resolution proudly displayed at EOS Nation. Brendon Ross of rewired.one may have been the first to share a Reddit link to where "a hacker" apologized for exposing the vaults.sx vulnerability. Here's the Twitter feed of Brendon Ross' comment. In the apology, hacker bigcat1777, specifically mentions EOS nation and Yves La Rose. Visit the Reddit link to view the 40 or so comments delving into the mindset of both the hacker and the community.

Nodeos: Stable EOSIO 2.1 Release 

EOSIO v2.1.0 found a stable release this week. Block.one updated its release candidate last week and engaged the greater community on twitter. When asked to explain its significance, Matthew Darwin, an EOS blockchain system administrator, said:

Among the updates considered significant are features, security, and stability. There’s also a note that “security updates are relevant to all nodes on EOSIO blockchain networks”. Another step toward making the EOS ecosystem a direct competitor to traditional architecture.

Newdex Whitepaper V2.0 with ETH and CEX Listing Focus

Newdex announced Version 2 of its whitepaper. It begins with a brief history. Maybe the most eye grabbing initiative is the launch of ETH as well as BSC, HECO among other influential chains. Swap depth and top tier integration are details being attended to right now. 11 key points are listed in the whitepaper development plan. Here are highlights:

  • aggregate DEX depth and decision-friendly token information

  • virtual order-book with premium details and low fees

  • improve PoS mining pool services

  • launch DAO governance and IDO feature

  • reduce total supply and issue on multiple chains

  • rename token :) 

While not listed as one of the 11 key points, Newdex takes care to point out the goal of listing DEX on “top” centralized exchanges by 2021. The Annual plan is clear “List DEX on top of centralized Exchanges”. The development roadmap slates more robust, long term considerations. There was also a Telegram AMA dedicated to the V2 whitepaper.

Block.one Wire

In terms of Block.one itself, this week’s top news is a stable EOSIO 2.1 (more details in the Nodeos section above). A key impact for the ecosystem saw B1 tag EOS Costa Rica. The included  video is of the presentation made by gGoods at the Beyond Blockchain Hackathon. The open-source NFT standard makes it easy for communities to create crowdfunding tokens. The hope is that gGoods will connect nonprofits with charitable causes to inspire global impact. Other matters B1 wished to highlight included scalability when developing identity solutions as well as surpassing 25k enrollments for EOSIO Training & Certification.

CryptoFinney (Cryptowriter) Report

As much of a selling point as this tweet is, hard to argue with Cryptowriter’s approach toward valuing community engagement (Round 3):

There’s brilliance here in the Weekly Engagement Rounds. It brings hope of waking the world from the unhealthy slumber of traditional social media. If someone developed a dapp, connected to say a reward-providing Membership Card, that easily records and makes engagement statistics transparent, small communities might ascend past the confines of Twitter analytics. It’s a dynamic that would help members and administrators work together toward best practices. Of course there were NFTs this week: Tyron Biggums stole the show in the Finney4Everyone contest. Also, Writer.io COO, Sean Ballent, discussed a future with Voice in an eight part thread. Check out more EOS/crypto articles and podcasts from Cryptowriter.


EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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