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Crypto Section

RhysKent’s comment on Navigating Crypto Addiction (This article was also a Twitter competition so Rhys can expect 2 Genesis Finney coins on the way)

"I came to the realization I would have arrived at a similar result, smoking joints, eating pizza, and playing video games 12 hours a day over the same time period."

This was my life before my obsession for crypto/NFT's became a reality.

The 2 big pumps in TopShot were the most insane times in my life. I could like something 10-20 from the cheapest of the same moment on the marketplace hit refresh and have 1k sitting in my account ready for the next flip. I was selling 5-10k overnight most nights. Days I bought 2x rookie Zions for 2.5k each, the next day was LeBron 6k, It was wild. When that started to tank and die down I felt kinda lost in this space as to figure where to go next.

1 day scrolling through my Twitter the CryptoWriter membership card appeared out of nowhere and my god it looked so beautiful. This was it, this was the next step in my journey. Sean immediately gave me a super warm welcome to the group. I'd never been a part of a community where the founders greeted you and openly discussed their vision all while throwing some banter around. Within 2 days I had proven my worth to the guys and was told I would be awarded in the next membership card drop.

Since then I haven't gone a day without checking in and seeing how the community is doing today, playing games for Finney coins, making fun of NFTJoe, or just helping people who ask. Every other group out of the 30 odd on my telegram I open to click the down arrow and clear notifications for momentarily... but not crypto writer, this community is home to me.


weed/video games < crypto writer community

NFT Section

Los Lakers comment on Behind the Pixel: Artist Submission

Cryptowriter is, again, ahead of the curve with "Behind the Pixel" that not only spotlights artists from all around the world, but also rewards the artists in a compelling way. For too long, artists have been given the short end of the stick by opportunists looking to squeeze every dollar out of them. With the airdrop model, artists will perpetually be rewarded for the craft that they have spent their whole lives building on and, in a unique twist, also own and be exposed to the artwork of their peers. I wouldn't be surprised to see many beautiful collaborations come out of "Behind the Pixel" artists down the line, which would just further bond the Cryptowriter community together. I love that artists receive Cryptowriter Memberships and are welcomed into the family with open arms; it's far different than just having an artist commission a piece and parting ways with a business handshake. Kudos to the team again for finding a sustainable reward model and investing in the community in a big way when many other projects in the space are looking for the quickest ways to line their pockets as priorities A through Z. Proud to be a member of this community!

EOS Section

Brendan Woodward’s comment on EOS NFTs and the Explosion of Digital Art

While the NFT revolution is certainly here, and EOS is well positioned to take advantage (as you noted, just look at Wax), I’m disappointed to report that there are several matters holding EOS back from being a leading player when it comes to NFTs.

First is signing up to get an EOS wallet. The process is not free or straight forward. To register an address a small amount of EOS is required to fund the transaction. As such, if a new user wants to create a wallet, they must have a friend send EOS to a what feels like a random account, deposit EOS from an exchange, or pay a fee to a third party such as Wombat. This is a colossal barrier to entry that I have no doubt turns thousands away from the platform every year.

Second, many transactions require the user to pay a fee. This, while not ideal, is an accepted part of many blockchain ecosystems and not offensive in and of itself. What is a significant hindrance however, is the non-user-friendly system of needing CPU, RAM and/or REX, depending on what function you are performing. To the uninitiated, these processes are a complete mystery and without guidance can be very costly, time consuming and frustrating. For an NFT market like Atomic Hub to flourish, transaction errors and complex transaction mechanisms should not be commonplace.

Finally, the world’s most widely used operating system, Android, does not have an EOS wallet fit for the NFT space. Unlike Apple users who can access Greymass’ Anchor, the best wallet for the NFT-loving Android user is Wombat which is designed more for gaming and does not feature anything even approaching the functionality of advanced browsers such as Chrome or Brave. While Greymass are on their way to releasing an Android version of Anchor, and Wombat can do the most of the basics, the growth of NFTs on EOS will continue to be limited until a better solution becomes widely available.

To contrast my friendly feedback and conclude, it must be highlighted that EOS is clearly coming leaps and bounds in the NFT space, with the Atomic Hub and projects such as Writer leading the charge. While growth will likely continue at an ever increasing pace, it will continue to be stymied until the user experience is enhanced.

Ethereum Section

DeFi Doctor’s comment on What Is Ethereum and Why Should You Care?

For all the negatives of the ETH ecosystem, the advancements it has brought about have been staggering. You can't have progress without some mistakes, and you can't change the world without learning from those mistakes. I believe that ETH is learning from the mistakes, but I also believe a ton of other crypto ecosystems are learning from the mistakes as well. This is how we all get better, and we all benefit. Someone had to take the risk first, now we all learn and move forward to realize the ultimate goal!

Bitcoin Section

helallensana’s comment on Reminder for Everyone Who Buys Bitcoin - Not Your Keys Not Your Bitcoin

we need to understand how important this article is to us

Please do not delay this if you do not have a private key

and get it done right now

this last thodex incident happened in the country where i live

I saw how people are victims

that is not all

This has been an opportunity for cryptocurrencies and those against them

and a real black propaganda was carried out

TVs have told people that this ecosystem is bad and they should stay away.

the government took some drastic measures.

so actually we all lost

So why

because read this article again

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