EOSweekly: VOTE, ENF Grants, American CryptoFed, EOS Costa Rica, Chintai, Violet.Garden

VOTE!! ON OCTOBER 9TH! 6 deserving projects receive ENF grants as the Foundation further inspires the community. EOSIO-built American CryptoFed Dao is legalized. Chintai and EOS Costa Rica expand their influence. Is EOS chatting finally here in Violet.Garden? Finney sports his Rarity tool.


First Wave of Recognition Grants Distributed

Through thick and thin, a few teams remained true to their promise to develop on the EOS mainnet. In recognition of their faith and service, the EOS Foundation is distributing recognition grants. In total, 34 projects were selected. The first six were announced this week:

  • EOS Go

  • ByWire News

  • Atomic Assets

  • Finney.World

  • Koreos

  • EOS Microloan

Even occasional EOS user are sure to recognize some of the names on this list, including our own Finney team.

Chintai Gains Momentum

EOSIO blog spotlighted Chintai this week. The post is an on-topic overview of issues concerning crypto regulation within the proposed US Infrastructure bill. Chintai hit the ground running as a blockchain for pressing, real-world solutions. Like it's co-founder Philip Hamnett, Chintai creates the playing field, never seeming reactionary. It's about solving existing problems such as scalability, resource allocation, and compliance. CHEX token is being built around an exchange that will easy the burden of compliance for financial services overall. Companies can look forward to a full audit trail without the need for expensive manual checks.

EOS Costa Rica in Education

EOS Costa Rica is among the most active developers within EOS. You can explore it's many projects here. One in particular, EOS Rate continues to open eyes of late.

EOS Rate gathers ratings to help capture a global collective opinion, or "wisdom of the crowd", and measure if voting patterns truly reflect voter sentiment.

The attention crypto has been getting from the US government will draw even further attention to the above statement (from eosrate.io). Stirring things up this week was a certificate presented by the Technical University of Costa Rica. It was a show of appreciation for contributing to a student workshop on blockchain and EOSIO. 

American CryptoFed DAO

EOS Eden presented the community with a few quotes from American CryptoFed's SEC filing. Among the advantages cited were scalability and energy consumption. The first is one of the most pressing concerns for blockchain developers, especially those pushing for mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The latter, almost has characterized blockchain as eco-UNfriendly. Of course this is obviously NOT the case once one considers the total input and output of financial systems. Nevertheless, we are at a crucial point where emotional issues can have dire consequences for a technology set to transform the world. Visit American CryptoFed Dao for more. US first legally recognized DAO goes legal route to release utility tokens is the latest link on it’s news feed.

Test Driving Violet.Garden

EOS needs its own chat. Social media and messaging platforms are simply too powerful to leave in the hands of traditional server-based systems. Voice was supposed to solve this for the community. Luckily, Violet.garden made its way to a handful of people this week, I among them. Still in early stage, Violet was able to pull up my profile picture, login, comment, and claim tokens with ease. Though I initially failed at swapping EOS for Violet tokens, it's a built-in feature right from the start. This is something that Voice promised and has yet to deliver even on its new, dedicated NFT platform. You're encouraged to test drive Violet for yourself and join in the process of moving conversations on-chain. You may also wish to join the team's telegram channel.

EOS Network Foundation (ENF) Inspires the Community

Unsubstantiated hype, the EOS Foundation is not. Starting an entry into EOSweekly with hype-quotes illustrates how much of a relief and breath of fresh air the Foundation’s funds, commitment, development, and leadership means to a community battle weary from years riddled with disappointment:

There's a genuine sense that things are moving in a positive direction in the $EOS community. 📈 It's been a very long time since the stars seem to be aligned...

“Trust is earned when actions meet words, and the #EOSFoundation's actions are screaming to the world that the genesis of #EOS is now."

For a deeper look into what recent events mean for the community, read Has the EOS Foundation Finally Propelled EOS to the Big Time? by ByWire News. Of course there’s some tangible news (even beyond distribution of Recognition Grants)- there’s always something coming out of the Yves camp. This week, Yves La Rose took time to congratulate the recipients, touch on the EdenOnEOS election, discuss Pomelo going live “at some point” soon, scaling ENF, and presenting a roadmap in his latest post The Current State of EOS and Where We Go Next.

Around EdenOnEOS: Prepping for the Inaugural Election on October 9th

Why so quiet? If your head spun a bit rather than a giggle in the heart, then you need a stern reminder of the inaugural election on October 9th. No doubt development ongoes in the shadow of the election. There's currently 100+ confirmed participants out of over 250 members. While the significance number emphasize early on by Dan Larimer will likely be available for the first time at the inaugural election, 50% attendance is not something to brag about. For an insightful look into our community, watch EdenOS Roadmap & Progress Report with Brandon Fancher. Also note that Dan held an AMA this week.

Crytpowriter (Finney) Report

Twitter avatar for @raritytoolsrarity.tools @raritytools
Finney is live on @raritytools!
rarity.tools/cryptofinney Minting is live, get your Finney here!: mint.finney.world Discord: discord.com/invite/finney On his home planet, Finney was just another robot made of gold. But when he embarked on his mission he became one of a kind.

Jeremy Torman dropped Dreaming of Tokyo onto EOS wallets this week. You’re probably already aware that Finney.World was recognized among the first six recipients of the ENF grants. Check out CryptoFinney Ranked by Rarity on Ethereum. Just Dontaskme about the account that holds both the #1 and #5 spots. Wondering about that UnicorFinney above? It’s the Ethereum version of the BTC Miner; that is, burn BareMetals to mint one. This week's EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles include:

Check out the videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:

Don’t forget to check Round 18 engagement winners.


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NovaCrypto LTD 🇨🇭 Startup @NovaCryptoLTD

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