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Crypto Section

TheOldDude’s comment on Do Publicized Prosecutions of Crypto Criminals Help or Hurt the Industry?

There is corruption and distrust in all industries. I tend to agree there is a magnifying glass on crypto as if it's somehow worse than other markets. I do not have the detailed analysis, but the surface view feels it's the same as any other field that is not already targeted with distrust as represented here. Excellent article.

NFT Section

badumtisss’ comment on EOSIO NextGen NFTs: NFLPA Claims Home Turf on Upland

Any cross-over between a NFT project and a sports organization that has decent audience will sell. It has two benefits:

1- Fans want to support their team and own a piece which associates with their team or the organization they follow.

2- People in NFT area sees the value because of the size of organization.

I think it's a good move from Upland. I'm not playing it but I know that it has decent amount of players on mobile. So this move probably will increase the value of Upland considering the demand on American football in NA. I'm not sure if it will attract players from EU or other continents tho, because dominant sports is football -as you guys call it soccer- in remaining part of the world.

EOS Section

Tom’s comment on Community-focused BPs Ready to Aid EdenOnEOS

Not so sure about Cypherglass being respected and productive BP anymore. Last I saw their CEO was spreading negativity about EOS while shifting her efforts to other blockchains. Some community members started reaching out to proxies to remove them from their votes so they can drop from the last paid position.

Ethereum Section

Husnu Coban’s comment on Is Ethereum (ETH) the new Treasury Bonds and Ultrasound Money?

I didn't know Ethereum like this. I knew that it was constantly burning and there was unlimited supply. But I didn't understand. Just because people are so confident in what they have unlimited supply for.
Frankly, I saw a little small Ethereum. I made a big mistake. It's a really great system that works.
The fact that NFTs on the Ethereum network are hyped supports the burning. That means we're getting closer to that day. On the day when the burning speed will be faster than the printing speed.
Although the supply has increased, it has seriously gained in value. And who knows what happens when the burn gets in the way of printing. I feel like I need to buy Ethereum now.
Thanks for the nice article. You're giving me some really important information. Thousands of dollars worth of ethereum burned out while reading and writing. :) It must be that they say that time is money.

Bitcoin Section

CloudPlans’ comment on The Real Story Behind the Recognition of Bitcoin as an Official Currency in El Salvador

You summed up El Salvador's journey of accepting Bitcoin very well. It was very enjoyable to read.

Successful or not, this is a unique step. I believe it will be successful. We will see things like this in the future, and El Salvador will have pioneered it. The President should also be congratulated for a visionary and courageous approach. The world needs such people.

Thanks for the article!

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