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Crypto Section

Taha Birşen’s comment on Don’t Listen to the Experts Saying Bitcoin Price Can Drop to $15K or Reach $100K. Do This Instead.

Of course, no one knows the future but Allah, but we believe in BTC, we believe in technology, we all spend more or less time in the stock market. If we believed the crypto market would end or BTC would drop, we would withdraw our money and buy stocks.

Sylvain self-criticizes in the article, a move to be respected. I say the same thing every time, even if you hear investment advice from someone you trust very much, research again, what harm would it be to learn new information and research. otherwise you are a sheep doing what others say. There are many people who use this situation to their advantage, we should be very careful with them. He calls people investment advice, but either pumps his own money or takes money from the owners of the money he offers.

I'll change the subject a bit, but there was an article recently about the personality traits of people who invest in the stock market. People who are skeptical and do not believe everything they hear do not trade without research. Also, when they lose, they blame themselves, not others, because they've done their research, so it's much better to blame yourself than blame others.

When I first entered the crypto exchange, I was only 17 years old and even because I was under 18, I opened the exchange account to my father. I knew two things about the stock market, one is ETH and the other is BTC, but now I know hundreds of coins. Of course I have made mistakes so far, even if I was a little careless, I made the same mistake over and over. When transferring money from one exchange to another, I would constantly use the wrong network and lose my money. but now I know almost all networks by heart. I decided to go into leverage trading for a while, but it was too complicated and I finally solved the problem by trying it. In short, I want to say that we will improve ourselves by making mistakes. This is the law of the world.

Thanks Slyvain Saurel it was a great article

NFT Section

cloudplan’s comment on Who Is OG Crypto Artist Stina Jones?

I am also an introverted person. I'm not antisocial. I can chat with people comfortably whenever I want, I can go out in front of crowds. This however, is a matter of preference. When I isolate myself from the outside world (when appropriate), I both feel better and increase my creativity.

I love Stina's work. She does very good work with her imaginary and humble characters to describe herself. Her use of colours, her unique lines, the design of her characters, they are all very beautiful and very "sweet." Our understanding of art and taste is similar. I really laughed at the Copy Cat joke :D It was my favourite.

In particular, I was very impressed by her strong presence in this field as a woman. I hope more women enter the NFT world. They beautify this place. I must say, I wish I had all of these characters!

We don't have to show ourselves, that's how I am in most media. I do not love. In this sense, I find the attitude of Stina and you very close to me. We can achieve such beautiful things without fully revealing ourselves. Our art speaks, not us. :)

I am an industrial design student. I am also interested in graphic design and animation. When I first came across NFTs, I was excited for something like this to happen. Stina and successful artists like her also elevate my excitement. Art will always exist!

Thank you, Etta, for introducing me to Stina and her fine art. And of course, thank you very much for this beautiful article.

EOS Section

badumtisss comment on What this Crypto Bull Run means for EOS and other Defi Blockchains

The simpler it is the more chance that it will attract more users. It applies everywhere, not just Google or Amazon if you look at most of the popular things, they are simple to use. We can also refer to volume of Bitcoin, before the known crypto markets it was not easy to buy and sell Bitcoin but now the transaction is one click away even in our mobile phones. There are many factors that had impact on the price of Bitcoin, but I believe accessibility is one of them.

I think the time of DeFis didn't come yet, considering their volume and the reasons stated in the article. However, they promise us a better future, and I believe we will see it soon or later.

I would love to see EOS participating in the improvements of DeFi and attracting more users in terms of simplicity. Bullish has a lot to accomplish.

Thank you for the article, and before you say it, GO EOS!

Ethereum Section

NFTJoe’ comment on BitBoy’s Troubles with YouTube, Ethereum Has a New “Safety Tip” Page

I often forget in this community that many members are not from US. I am not of the same mindset when it comes to censorship because of where I am located. I see censorship as a necessity to block hate-spewing personalities on the internet. Those people should not be given the platform to elevate their voice.

Even with that mindset, I agree with your point of view in this article. One of the main things any writer tries to accomplish is to convince their audience of a point. With your evenhanded handling of this topic you've managed to convince me that perhaps, in this instance, YouTube and larger entities are stepping over the line in what they deem unsuitable for their platform. It's a sliding scale where the target is arbitrary and the rationale murky at best.

There's a middle ground where "censorship" serves a purpose. This is not one of those cases.

On a personal note, "centralized megalith", holy shit that's some good writing.

Bitcoin Section

Phantom Puppeteer’s comment on A Great Lesson To Learn – Things Can Go Very Fast With Bitcoin When the Fundamentals Are Great

I love it when the media hype around Bitcoin fades while price is down. This is usually a good indication of the end of this short bear market and to resume the macro bullish trend. Since as long as you do your own research and stay away from the herd you will be doing great in cryptos.

I agree with you that 30K USD was a psychological level which in theory once broken down we should have entered a long bearish trend. However, that alone is just a single piece of the puzzle that you can’t solve without combining the other pieces (aspects of market analysis). In my opinion, the three aspects to market analysis are fundamental, technical, and sentimental analysis.

Starting with the fundamental aspect, It is more bullish than ever. As you mentioned in your article about how inflation is breaking a new record in America and how the Fed will be maintaining aggressive monetary policies. These fundamentals dictate the macro trend of Bitcoin which is up regardless of the small fluctuations we get by FUD or by any unexpected political events.

For technical analysis, I can confidently tell you that Bitcoin will go up to 100K USD by the end of 2021. You can see in my Chart Analysis article for Bitcoin (Bitcoin Price Update 07/27/2021) since I analyzed Bitcoin for short and long terms starting with small time frames like hourly chart going up to weekly chart. Briefly, price has been following a gigantic rising channel and price found support near the 50% retracement level and got rejected from it with great volume which indicates strong reversal to the upside.

Finally, sentiment analysis can also drive price since it is influenced by media which drives people to feel excessive hype/fear of buying/selling. So, best way to benefit from it is to follow the exact opposite of the herd’s sentiment while verifying your analysis with past two approaches (fundamental, technical). Means if fundamental and technical aspects are bullish and the population sentiment is “Fear” then it is the best opportunity to buy into Bitcoin. Do it with confidence.

Thank you for the great article :)

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