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Crypto Section

Taha Birşen’s comment on How Wealthy Investors Occassionaly Drive the Crypto Market

There is a big difference between a rich investor and a small investor, I will explain simply.

Rich investor: has a wealth and fixed income, so they don't invest with the dream of getting rich like small investors. Their aim is to increase their wealth. The small investor likes to take risks because if he doesn't take risks he will never get the money he wants. The rich investor never takes risks because he owns a fortune and cannot afford to lose it. When investing, he looks at the project rather than analysis. If he trusts the project, he will invest.

Small investor: his goal is to evaluate his money like 10x 20x. He can take risks because he does not have a lot of money, he invests more in what he hears than in research.

Big investors have always been the ones who run the market. For example, a very popular stockbroker tweets and everyone who follows him buys the coin he says without research. or a man invests millions of dollars in network transfers, the small investor who hears this immediately buys a coin and then makes a loss.

As you all know, binance has listed waxp, if a whale, a wealthy investor, buys a large amount of waxp, then many people will buy waxp. I think soon a whale will buy waxp so its price will go up so don't sell any waxp you have.(not investment advice).

The order of the world has always been this; the big ones make, the little ones imitate.

NFT Section

Wanda Oliver’s comment on Andreas Karaoulanis: The innocent joy of spontaneous messing around

Excellent article!! A perspective that I think is missing in the NFT space is that the markers of marketplaces are makers of shopping sites, and we know a tremendous amount about building shopping sites in the non-crypto world. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. There is a desperate need for sites to step up to a basic level of functionality - powerful search, categories, filters, payment options, sorting options, bookmarking options, etc. Amazon, eBay, Etsy - they have given you the model and trained most of us to be online shoppers. The artists are your supply chain, and they are critically important - I'm an artist and I want platforms that respect and empower me - but the collectors are your customers. It is your job to eliminate any source of friction that hinders their shopping experience.

EOS Section

CoinMax’s comment on On the Eve of Expansion, a Setup Unlike Any Other

EOS is literally the most active blockchain in terms of network activity while the pace of development is also very high. The impressively fast transactions, the sophistication of the blockchain platform, the constant development, and its very active community make it the best blockchain in my view.

I just want to thank Blumer, Larimer, Kenny, Aaron Cox, and their respective teams including all the other wonderful guys building great projects on EOS and EOSIO for creating life-changing products, putting the community first, and constantly developing and improving the overall EOS experience for builders and end-users like us.

I believe Dan is building magic at ClarionOS and it will be one of those things you never knew you needed until it came along. Most crypto projects are focused on storing, moving, and exchanging value (money) while our messages have largely remained on unencrypted, centralised servers and internet infrastructure. I trust that ClarionOS will help bring decentralisation, freedom, and privacy to this important aspect of our lives very soon.

Thanks for highlighting these important projects, Marco.

Ethereum Section

Helallensana’s comment on Crypto Fights back against Government Overreach, why DE-Fi Blockchains like EOS Matter.

There are always those who oppose everything good.

those who don't want democracy

those who try to restrict freedom

those who adopt autocratic governments

those who oppose women's rights

those who do not want to see or accept human rights

those who do not respect nature

They cut down trees and destroy the forest. They are digging mines.

this list goes on and on.

So what is the reference point of those on this list?

their interests. they are profit seekers. they are profiteers. They support exploitation. they only think about themselves.

You can see these people everywhere.

but their swamp is politics.

You can see them all together there.

As a result, the crypto ecosystem, the crypto technology is unstoppable.

they will either keep up or get lost in the dusty pages of history.

We will continue to embrace crypto technology for a fairer, more democratic future.

Thanks for your great article.

Bitcoin Section

iRiSh’s comment on The US Dollar From the Bitcoin Perspective – Buying USD Is Clearly Too Risky Right Now

I completely Agree ... In theory

Except that I love crypto and NFTs ... Have owned and traded in and out of lots of it

... and yet have never once used BitCoin ... It has no use cases

A store of value ? Sure ... Maybe ... Except the average person doesn't store value

We can't move away from the USD just to store value ... we have to do it by facilitating trade ... and BitCoin simply doesn't do that.

I'm all about the future and Crypto ... But BitCoin is useless and dead to me

I do absolutely love your article though and agree with every single point ... If you replace the word BitCoin with CryptoCurrency

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