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Crypto Section

Yasiraykac’s comment on Cryptocurrency - Just Another Asset Class?

People have a hard time accepting certain things. Television, internet, telephone. There are many more examples. But the good thing is that the people who oppose it the most will accept it later.
So is Bitcoin. Still people oppose it. But there are also those who accept. It will take time.
We have noticed this technology in advance and are being rewarded for it. I have full faith.
I'm just living my life, buying more bitcoins. Because I know that blockchain is the solution.
Thanks for the article.
Have a nice day.

NFT Section

badumtisss’ comment on Breaking down OpenSea’s Applicable Fees When Minting NFTs

This article explains why gas fees are extremely scary for new users. There are ongoing L2 work being done for swaps and transfers, but will it be applicable to NFT markets like opensea?
For me it still seems very risky to involve in, even though considering Polygon side lowers the fee in high percentage as Etta mentioned.

EOS Section

TheOldDude’s comment on EOS is serving the Underserved Communities of the World

EOS does possess all the tools needed to solve all the issues outlined, and at an affordable rate. The lack of excessive transaction fees on EOS makes it very inviting to new users to see the benefits of EOS. Great article.

Ethereum Section

Husnu Coban’s comment on DyDx is “cool” and Commands Billions, but is it Overvalued?

Blockchain is a great and awesome mixed technology. I heard about layer two about a month ago. I'm looking into this. I am confident that he will take the system further and improve it. Maybe a layer two wind will come after the NFT wind. Who knows? Thanks for the nice article.

Bitcoin Section

JNK’s comment on Here Is The Main Reason Why You Must Run a Bitcoin Full Node

As much as I wish I could own a load of BTC and make a good flip out of it, my interest goes for the blockchain technology and technologies on a global scale. That whole "BTC vs the System" talk... I don't really buy it. I don't see much rebels or revolutionary people in that space right now but most likely the same greedy people using that whole anti-system talk to complete their own agenda. Scams and greed but with a geek look. These articles you are coming with are starting to sound like remixes of remixes. I feel like I'm reading the same article over and over consisting of plain assertions and not enough questioning.

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