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Crypto Section

DeFiDoctR’s comment on Round 3 Cryptowriter NFT Engagement Winners!

Waking up this morning and cracking open my my morning energy drink (Rockstar Pure Zero today), and logging into is my morning routine. Logging in this morning made me literally smile and giggle like I was a kid again. Isn't that crazy? Here I am, a "grown-up", and I can't help but feel so excited and just....joyful about this! Thank you for creating this community, thank you for nurturing it, thank you for appreciating it, and thank you for the NFT's!!! You guys rock!!!

NFT Section

Cuanheato’s comment on Behind the Pixel: Stephen Lotus

Love the simplicity in Stephen's answer on his meaning of art as the exploration of self. This is the essence of living beings learning and growing, finding their place and meaning in the vastness of the universe. I think Butterfly Bellatrix captures this with the burst of color expanding in an endless space. This journey of exploration is an art in and of itself. Writers, artists, and scientists are simply names for a few different types of explorers. Some explorers (artists) certainly have an affinity toward aesthetics, but fewer have the ability to create like Stephen has here.

EOS Section

Los Lakers comment on EdenOS Alpha Test Results and Experiences

I love that the alpha test results for Eden OS was a success and it goes to show that individuals working together for a common purpose can make important decisions in a timely manner! I definitely think that the project is headed in the right direction and we'll see many projects on EOS start to get the funding that they need and turn their visions and goals into reality. You'll want to stick around for the sleeping giant to awaken!

Ethereum Section

siferdub’s comment on Vitalik Rug Pulling Dog Tokens: A Hero? Or did he stir up a Hornet Nest?

Rug pulling – a strange concept usually reserved for the founders of a project who steal their investors’ money before disappearing forever.

The actions of Vitalik do not reflect the essence of the above definition. Rather they reflect the actions of a man torn by an ethical dilemma; tacitly support via inaction a series of meme coins, in the full knowledge that investors are likely to be wiped out; or end the charade in a manner that benefits thousands, if not millions.

The cries of unfairness are hollow to me. They shrilly emanate from mostly Western investors - young and with means enough to invest disposable income in a speculative crypto asset - crying foul when their dream of becoming rich without having to work for it is snatched away.

On the flipside, consider that while many lost their investment, there was always a high chance this would have happened anyway, regardless if a few managed to cash out to a small fortune.

Consider also the gravity of the investment to the COVID relief fund. Just navigate the webpage of any charity operating in the third world and you’ll understand that even small donations to such funds can do incomprehensible amounts of good works.

So the way I see it, Vitalik was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. Faced with this dilemma, he made an agonizing, yet fiercely strong decision to end the madness in a manner that did inordinate amount of good.

While many are furious, I can see that Vitalik had enough courage and character to face into the matter, and make a well-considered determination, while most would have turned their back or deliberately kept their head in the sand.

Consider my faith in Etherium bolstered, despite the deafening moans.

Bitcoin Section

Mohamad Al-azm’s comment on Don’t Be Afraid if Bitcoin Price Crashes From Time to Time. That’s What a Free Market Does

I feel like Elon Musk only cares about himself and his own goals. He knows exactly what he is doing and unfortunately people are being manipulated. BTC hodlers don't flinch but unfortunately newbies get scared and sell. As if he didn't know exactly what environmental changes this could impact the months he was pumping it. For someone so smart he thinks we're stupid for believing it. I enjoyed watching the video where Michael Saylor goes into detail on the power consumption and how it's actually providing security. I really hope he isn't messing with people and Doge because that seems really fishy as well. Keep strong my BTC peeps and keeping buying the dips!

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