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Crypto Section

Loslaker’s comment on AotC - Pain abounds

Chris - I've been looking for your next article to ease fears that I've had in the past few weeks, but I see that some sobering pain is in the horizon. It's tough to sell when it feels like the market is going sideways, but it seems like the writing is on the wall and it may be best to have some dry powder on the sidelines. I'm a hodler by nature, but I'll have to convince myself this time to exit with some profits and re-enter when the dust settles. Your articles are some of my favorite on cryptowriter, and I'm glad that you're putting out content whether it's sunshine & butterflies or doom & gloom. Thanks for your insight as always and I'll see you on the other side!

NFT Section

Siferdub’s comment on Nifty Gateway Has 888 Problems But A Niche Ain't One

This was an excellent article Joe – a really great read.

The thing is that any project, company, organization or even individual has something to learn from this.

So many projects spring up and consequently suffer from this affliction. They begin with the noblest of intent, and very quickly are distorted by commercial desires.

Nifty Gateway seems to be a case in point. Its function was clearly a needed one, as artists and collectors alike flocked there in the early days. It went on to birth a seemingly amazing community, a thing that does not personify in a vacuum. I mean, in the beginning the team behind it must have begun doing a lot of things right.

And then like many projects, both personal and enterprise, they went from MVP, to break-even, to profit making, and like that bossy stay-at-home Dad elected President of their child’s Parent Association, the power went to their head.

You see this everywhere in life, and in my view it is a result of more than merely greed.

It is in fact the lack of a noble purpose – a vision and purpose that is bigger than money. While Nifty Gateway’s stated aim of creating 1 billion NFT users is certainly a purpose, it is definitely not a noble one. And as their actions clearly demonstrate, it serves nothing the owner’s hip pockets.

Not only does having a noble purpose accelerating revenue growth, it creates competitive differentiation and generates emotional engagement from users. It comes from considering what exactly the business is trying to do, and who it is doing it for.

Organizations with a purpose bigger than money not only out perform their competition; they also retain their staff and customers for much longer. Once more, operating a company that has a noble purpose becomes much easier. All decisions can be framed through this lens, making the right answer to any decision easier to arrive at.

All of the NFT hubs, as well as all enterprise and individuals generally, would do well to take a leaf from this book. Rather than looking at short term capitalisation, they should focus on serving their community like you and the rest of the Writer team do. They’d be better for it, and so would the whole space and indeed the whole world.

EOS Section

Krowteaz’s comment on Pomelo for Crowdfunding the EOS Ecosystem looks promising as this news is great for the EOS community special for the contributors as they will earn or get rewards. What I like is Daniel Keyes said "I'm really excited to see how Pomelo will multiply every small contribution, giving everyone a big say what gets funded from the matching pool. So this not only unlocks new funding for the EOS community's favorite projects, but it really democratizes the whole process.". I always remember every small thing counts and also bear in mind that the community is not built without people who contributes in any good way of forms to make the community better, stronger, and achieves its

goal to succeed.

P.S. The pomelo Finney is nice to have

Ethereum Section

Ricardo Brochado’s comment on Ethereum Layer 2 Is Becoming Liquid

I have a big problem with Ethereum and i'm sure other users too and that is gas fees. it's not new and we are far from getting this problem solved.

A Crypto veteran knows that sometimes he will need to use ETH and pay for gas, but for someone new to the space, it's scary and makes no sense. This makes adoption very difficult and that's why most of my friends try, hit the ETH wall and either give up or choose another, more gas friendly, blockchain. It almost looks like ETH was designed for elites, both wealthy and savvy.

EOS fills the gap, and WAX makes everything much easier. Actually WAX is like a trap, let's you in easily, you generate value with freebies and, as soon as you realize, you are too deep and hooked, that makes it impossible to get out. It's digital crack!

However, i have faith on Layer 2 and i'm very curious to see where Optimism and Arbitrum will go. IMO making ETH accessible and easy will benefit everyone.

Bitcoin Section

Helallensana’s comment on Lebanon Deprives the People of the Fruits of Their Labor - This Is Why Bitcoin Is a Necessity

I sign under every word in this article.

very accurate observations...

As someone living in a 3rd world country, we are used to situations like this.

While the dollar lost value in many parts of the world during the pandemic, it doubled in the country I live in.

I assume you know what that means

So now we are poorer.

When we added the wrong policies of the government to this, our situation became really deplorable.

unemployment, price hikes, insufficient social support and many other bad conditions.

If I start telling, it could take days.

things you already know

things you can only see with a little more awareness.

So what I'm trying to say is we need a fairer world.

and we can build it together.

with more empathy

Thanks again for this great article.

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