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Crypto Section

MB’s comment on El Salvador and Bitcoin: Perfect Bedfellows?

Thanks for the insights - you've shed light on a number of questions I had about the adoption in El Salvador. The comparison with the UK and US legislative systems is startling, and its hard to fathom it being rolled out so quickly in either of those countries. Your point about multi-nationals having to get on board in El Salavador is intersting though, this gives us hope with those companies having to get up to speed quickly and hopefully implementing bitcoin transactions more widely.

NFT Section

Etta Tottie’s comment on NFTs and Adult Entertainment

In the decentralised world of NFTs, sex workers still report feeling marginalised and say many people judge their art as less worthy than NFTs by non-SW artists/performers.

The SWs I know are shrewd business women. With NSFW NFTs, SWs are now empowered to control the content and price of their products without the exploitation of someone demanding a large cut of their profits.

Sex work is just ‘work.’ It’s the oldest profession and arguably we all ‘prostitute ourselves’ to our bosses in exchange for money, whatever our chosen profession.

There’s art for all tastes and it’s OK if NSFW NFTs are not your cup of tea… just remember, they are still art.

EOS Section

LarryFine47’s comment on US Federal Reserve moves towards increase interest rates

The FED is realizing that they went too far. The helicopter money was dropped without thought, this much is true, but the Bond Buying Program is the bigger problem. That program means that the large corporations have a permanent get-out-of-jail-free card. All the risky decisions they have made in the past to put the world economy in the position in it is now has absolutely no repercussions. We are all waiting for a market crash but it won't come until the FED leaves the S&P 500 alone to its own devices. The worst part is that the Stock Market correction needs to happen so we can get a firmer grasp on the crypto markets as a whole. Don't be fooled because it is all connected. Thankfully those reading this are smart enough to know that Crypto is the asset class you want to be heavy on in this moment.

Ethereum Section

Helallensana’s comment on Why the "Energy Inefficiency" FUD in Ethereum is Baseless

I believe crypto investors are very sensitive and responsible for energy efficiency and environmental awareness.

Most of the people in this market are the new generation, namely young people, and the environmental awareness of the people of this age is very good.

Therefore, I have no doubt that we will produce rational and correct solutions.

As the author said in the article

''The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Proof-of-Work energy debate is political. Crypto operators are energy and environmentally conscious, not rapacious dweebs as mainstream media describe them.''

Bitcoin Section

Siferdub’s comment on Chinese Economist Reveals We're All Going To Die - Bitcoin Lets Us To Make the Most of Our Lives

It’s very hard to make an objective statement.

Something as simple as “its dark outside” seems like an objective thing to say as you peer out from your window at midnight, but it’s not really.

Certainly, its dark compared to inside where you’re sitting, but if you’re situated outside and have just hand a blindfold pulled off, the midnight sky might look positively neon as you open your eyes.

The same goes for media of all kinds, including what you read in the newspaper, see on the TV and look at on your phone. Almost everything you consume is subjective.

Why do I bring this up? It is to put into context the extreme levels of FUD we are witnessing in relation to crypto currency right now. Including the specific FUD mentioned in this timely article.

Almost anything from the Chinese stated-backed Global Television Network is an obvious case in point. In this instance, the purpose of trotting out a legendary economist to shit on Bitcoin is obvious – the Chinese government has an anti-crypto agenda right now, and this is how they are delivering their message.

We are no better in the West you know. You don’t need to look far to see similar misinformation permeating our news sources.

Case in point – recall the recent news about the cyber-attack on Colonial Pipelines. This story and others like it have been getting far too much attention recently. Wayyy more than you would reasonably expect.

How about this for a news flash; cyber-attacks are not new news. They’ve been happening routinely since the internet was invented.

Ransom paid in Bitcoin is not new news either. Yet somehow this story and several others like it have been in the headlines for days and days recently, always with a warning about crypto-currency and commentary on how it’s used by criminals.

Similar, is the Bitcoin isn’t green narrative that has sprung into international headlines recently. Literally nothing has changed in this regard yet suddenly it’s being relentlessly used in negative association with Bitcoin, everywhere you look!

The statement referenced in this article “If BTC were to become a definitive currency and adopted by all of human society, I can say exactly what will happen with the worst-case scenario: we will all die” to your point Sylvain, is not an untruth. Rather it is a hyperbolic statement designed to instill fear, uncertainty and doubt in the audience.

With the above in mind, one thing to take away from this article is a realization that there is an agenda behind everything you read, as inconspicuous or thinly veiled as it may be.

And, it doesn’t matter if it’s coming from Chinese state television, Fox News or NPR – you should always be asking yourself 1) who is really saying this? And 2) what are they trying to achieve? When you think these things through, it’s likely that some important home truths will begin consistently occurring to you.

Now, if anyone wants to know more about how deep this shit really runs, give @ggreenwald a follow on Twitter and/or take a few minutes to look up Operation Mockingbird.

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