EOSweekly: BountyBlock, Chintai, Bullish, Cryptowriter, WG+, Pomelo

There’s a BountyBlok out on EOS NFTs. The ENF restructures mainnet development with Working Groups. Get ready cause here comes Chintai. Pomelo’s halftime show starts with a spectacular session. Bullish rumored to launch (with institutions). Enterprises buzzing around EdenOS. Finney promotes writers.


BountyBlok Shuttles NFTs to EOS

It wasn’t that long ago that WAX stood quietly in EOS’ shadow. Today, few within the community would be shocked if WAX passed EOS in market cap (over the near term of course). Household names release NFTs on WAX seemingly each week. NFTs on EOS? They actually do exist. Really, check the blockchain drop-down box on Atomic Hub. Why the great disparity between EOS/WAX NFTs? It can’t go on. BountyBlok’s new distribution tool will see to that! More than 300 projects already use this tool (on WAX). You can read up about BountyBlok’s new EOS distribution tool here.

ENF Sponsored Working Groups

The ENF produces week in and week out. From deploying rounds of Recognition Grants to matching Pomelo funds, Yves La Rose and Zack Gall stepped on the gas as soon as they took their new positions. This week it's about overhauling, better yet, introducing a new paradigm for, EOS working groups. In his latest post, Yves outlined the expected 4 pronged system. Initial organizational structure looks something like this:

  • Core+: Zaisan (EOS Amsterdam, EOS Dublin, EOS Barcelona, and Cryptolions)

  • Audit+: Sentnl, Slowmist

  • Wallet+: Greymass, others

  • API+: Greymass, EOS Nation, EOS Rio

Aaron Cox was named lead project manager in an oversight role. Yves perfectly summed up the new mainnet climate:

For the first time since genesis, we’ve got the greatest minds funded to work together to consolidate knowledge, collaborate, research, and innovate towards a unified vision to enable $EOS to deliver on its full potential! 📈

Chintai Powering Up

With Bitcoin ETF Futures a reality, it didn’t take long for interest to grow in other areas. Local lawmakers began asking why aren’t spot ETFs included. Sylvain Saurel goes into a recent spot-market ETF rejection in an article for Cryptowriter. Hard to imagine that this won’t eventually transpire. Maybe blockchain is moving a bit too quickly for those firmly entrenched in decision making circles. Among the next logical sectors influenced by blockchain is real estate. Integrating here will certainly heat things up further. Chintai has been nothing but professional about its approach. Bywire News reported that its platform is beta ready. Specifically, Chintai will:

…help businesses, create, issue, and tokenise traditional assets in the capital and real-estate markets.

Pomelo Progress Report

Pomelo is about much more than funding. It’s crowdfunding the way it was intended. Community at the heart of the matter, that’s what Pomelo infused upon the EOS mainnet. Consider Pomelo Pitch Sessions. This is an ideal opportunity for new projects to showcase their efforts and plans for core community members to review. Much gets lost in popup discussions (e.g. via Telegram or Discord). More importantly, a pitch session allows active community members to come together and support a new project. No more passing rumors that get lost in translation. With Pomelo Pitch Session, projects like EOS ChatBot can clearly outline the benefits of AI powered conversation. Other projects involved in the first session were infeos and EOS Game Development. This week also saw Pomelo release halftime stats.

B1 Wire: Bullish Launch and Voice Insights 

Brock Pierce tweeted on the 16th that the:

Main focus of B1 at this point is the exchange market. Bullish launches with major institutions this week.

He also discussed EOS as a settlement layer:

Bullish has the potential to make EOS the settlement layer for BTC and USDT. If that becomes even partially true it’ll be huge.

Exciting news indeed. When will Bullish launch for everyone and at what point will EOS feel the impact? Seems like the answer will come sooner than later. Though, last checked, the board still needed to approve the merger. To gauge the progress, listen to Bullish’s Head of Risk and Compliance discuss why the team chose a Gibraltar license. Voice tackles the tough NFT questions. This week the team tweeted a quote from an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled How NFTs Create Value:

"NFTs have fundamentally changed the market for digital assets."

NFTs certainly aren’t lost on the mainnet community.  What’s nice is how the Voice team provides a forum on Twitter Spaces for the whole #NFTCommunity.

Around Eden

The above graphic is courtesy of EosEden praising collaboration. EosEden has made valuable contributions every week since before the first Eden election. The team graciously asks for your Pomelo donation to take it to the next level. Success by EosEden standards, beyond adding value and bringing in more mainnet members, looks like 1000k followers. Both the ENF and B1 wish to settle their differences. Bywire News covered the issues in some detail. Buzzy EOS Bees can still benefit from added incentives. The team thanked Node One to this end. Head Chief Aaron Cox had some insight to share regarding ENF working groups and Pomelo. Might be worth checking out HyphaDAO, Go Smart Contracts Development Kit, and eospyo.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

Writers matter, even in a binary world. Cryptowriter’s Pomelo grant went live this week with the focus on:

…directly pay for the production of high-quality EOS content to be published on the Cryptowriter publication.

UNDRGRND splashed onto the scene last week. Join the discussion on Discord to find out how to get your own UNDRGRND card on yet another chain, Telos. Be sure to check out the roundtable discussion on the state of EOS. Participants included Chris Barnes, Jimmy D, Luke Stokes, Daniel Keys, Crypto Blood, and Chaney Moore. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Cryptowriter Podcast Network and other relevant videos for this week:


EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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