EOSweekly: EdenOS Alpha, Bullish, EOSX Hack, LiquidApps BNB, Cypherglass, CryptoFinney Floppy


EdenOS Alpha Test was successful all around. Quite impressive this early in development. LiquidApps also held a key test this week for its EOS/Binance bridge. B1 launches Bullish Global and tackled data privacy. An EOSX Hack was resolved. Will Tesla begin accepting EOS? Cypherglass CEO interviewed. [Hint: skip to the end to see Floppy, part of a brilliant NFT drop scheme].


EdenOS Alpha Test Results

It didn’t take long for EdenOS to bring the community closer together. EdenOS might very well prove to be the most profound event to impact EOS since its creation. It’s already drawing attention from mainstream influencers like Dr. Jordan Peterson. The Alpha Test succeeded as a fully representative, voiced election. The election was about more than voting. Ideas were recorded and expected to move forward as representatives were selected to successive rounds. Lower round commitments are expected to shuttle alongside each representative. Below are a few helpful resources to better understand what transpired during the Alpha Test of EdenOS:


The EOSX Vault, a flash loan system, was hacked this past week. Here’s a technical write up. Apparently a vaults.sx smart contract was vulnerable to a reentry attack. Figuring that a white hat was responsible for the code exploit, EOS Nation offered a modest reward of 100,000 USDT. This was a fraction of the more than 1 million EOS and nearly half a million in USDT that was grabbed. It didn’t take long for a solution to arise with reportedly all of the funds safe and set to be returned. Keep in mind the long-term vision and philosophy of ‘code as law’.

Is Tesla Eyeing EOS to Replace BTC?

It was big news when Elon Musk bought Bitcoin. Tesla grabbed headlines again when its vehicle became purchasable with BTC. Then came the shocking news that Tesla could, in good conscience, no longer accept BTC . The decision was based on environmental concerns, a situation already widely known. There had to be more to the story and it seems that EOS is part of it. Low transaction and operational costs make EOS the best choice. It’s impact on the economy is an almost unnoticeable fraction compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum. EOS Arabia provided a few environmental impact stats. Blumer had a few things to say on the matter. He mentioned BTC mining at scale, comparable carbon footprints, that Elon likely didn’t initiate the move, and hinted at why EOS is possibly an option. [image from a Mark Sheer reply].

Block.one’s Roshaan Khan and Blockstalk’s Jack Tanner Help Tackle Data Privacy

How much are Block.one and the EOS community focused on data privacy? Read The State of Blockchain Privacy announcement published on May 13 on eos.io for an overview of what’s in the works. EOSIO Data Privacy Working Group already has a roadmap and set of recommendations. Targeted agendas of the initiative include:

  • The use of cryptography in deploying blockchain for business solutions

  • Advantages of shared public ledgers to manage identities, controlling access, and improve scaling through shared ledgers

  • Variability of privacy levels and code visibility

  • Promote innovation and accelerate data migration

The full report can be downloaded from arVix, a curated sharing platform maintained by Cornel Tech.

Liquidity: Binance <-> EOS

LiquidApps continues to push the envelope toward an engulfing, liquid crypto ecosystem. It wasn’t long ago that the team created an Ethereum bridge. Here’s a tutorial for the DAPP network and EOSIO bridges. With a Binance bridge supporting a whol lot of recent activity, the EOS community is truly ready to soar. Not surprising that the LiquidApps team is hiring both smart contract developers and technical writers.

Interview with Cypherglass CEO Adrianna Mendez

I very much like the name Cypherglass. Maybe it’s because Zack Gall and Rob Finch profoundly influenced my (and many others I’m sure) EOS learning curve. Adrianna Mendez has been CEO of Cypherglass for over a year now. She was on Episode 3 of The Shift (The Cryptowriter Podcast #19). Adrianna starts with a bit of a background, the pandemic, and balancing the development of new technology for new money. She also went into diversity and women in business and throughout the world. 

Being in blockchain is powerful if you can wield it the right way. [07:18]

EOS ventures tend to be for the long haul. Consider how just this past week, we closed out the EdenOS Alpha Test with the Everything EOS sign off “Go EOS!”

Block.one Wire

Bullish Global, a new cryptocurrency exchange, was announced this week. Block.one and several prominent investors including PeterThiel, Alan Howard, and Louis Bacon, as well as the global investment bank Nomura, raised $10 billion in funding. This was a globally recognized story carried by the Financial Times and Bloomberg, as well as blockchain focused media outlets like CoinDesk. The Bullish move is thought to be behind the mid-week EOS price spike. This week B1 also drew attention to non-profits and NFTs and launched an EOSIO Data Privacy Working Group (more details in a previous section about data privacy). CEO Brendan Blumer mentioned first steps taken toward ProFi, EOS long-term strategy, how EOS advances blockchain, and EOS as eco-friendly

CryptoFinney (Cryptowriter) Report

Delayed by about a day, the community finally got to see Floppy, the first BTCminer drop (a pretty big deal). A CryptoFinney of Dan Larimer was auctioned this week. Stache gave away a CryptoStashe. Other auctions took place including an all but steal of a gold CryptoFinney dressed in black. There was also the rare drop of a Cowboy. CryptoFinney’s are an exciting market. Where EOS Genesis Finney Coins went for twice that of those on WAX. NFT Joe invited artists to participate in Behind the Pixel. Some of our Cryptowriter articles covering new topics not previously mentioned include:

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