The State Of The CryptoFinney

It’s been just three weeks since burning of Shift Gold coins was enabled, although it feels like a lifetime ago to me.

Prior to launch a Shift Gold coin could be picked up for just a few EOS or less than 100 WAX. Since then we’ve witnessed exponential growth with the cheapest Shift Gold coins currently selling for 20.50 EOS and 649 WAX on their respective AtomicHub Marketplaces.

Despite the astronomical growth in recent times, these prices may be looked back upon as bargains in the months and years ahead.

CryptoFinney on EOS

On EOS a total of 914 coins have been burned, representing little over 18% of the total available.

There have been 147 Bare Metal Finney’s created, with only 45 surviving our collective quest to forge BTCminers and participate in the exciting upcoming airdrops, the first of which is scheduled for 15 May 2021.

This has resulted in a grand total of 51 BTCminers, with all but 10 of the Platinum and Iridium varieties.

With over 4,000 coins left to be burned there remains plenty of opportunity to score a rare Finney on EOS for your collection.

CryptoFinney on WAX

Shift Gold coins on WAX have been burned at a much faster pace than they have been on EOS, with a little over a third already consumed by fire. 

There have been more than double the amount of Bare Metal Finney’s created when compared to EOS, with only 85 of the 313 bought into existence still surviving.

This has resulted in a grand total of 114 BTCminers, more than double the number forged on EOS, with just under 88 being of the more common Platinum and Iridium varieties.

With 84% more Shift Gold coins put to the flame on WAX, there remains 1,682 still to be burned at the time of writing.

Finney’s Journey

With the project maturing at a rapid pace, thanks to efforts of Kenny, Sean and the rest of the Cryptowriter team. I thought it would be useful to collate all of the relevant Writer articles pertaining to Finney in one, easy-to-access place.

Early Finney

Find here the earliest announcements about CryptoFinney. Skint on detail, they provide a valuable perspective on just how far the CryptoFinney initiative has come over the last few months:

Learn more about what the team at Cryptowriter set out in the very first article where CryptoFinney was announced to be “Coming soon”.

Interested in a Membership Card? Well, aren’t we all? See the first article on this sought after (and still undervalued) membership NFT.

Check out the write-up on Cryptowriter Volume 1, the first e-book from the team at Cryptowriter, or simply purchase and read or listen to it here.

Finney’s Story

With all the excitement surrounding the Finney mania currently sweeping the EOS and WAX communities, it’s easy to forget that we are witnessing Finney’s story unfold.

Catch yourself on Chapter 1, Finney’s Arrival here.

More Essential Finney Material

Did you pull a Finney that looks different to all the others you’ve seen? Maybe you were lucky enough to have conjured into existence a themed Finney. Learn about themed Finney’s in this handy article that explains all here.

Want more detail on how the concept of CryptoFinney was born? Look no further than this article which provides a brief, yet enlightening overview.

Did you miss the inaugural burn? Don’t worry, we all did because we were too busy burning coins and Finney’s ourselves. You can console yourself by catching up on what happened here

The most recent article regarding our favourite hero is now a week old. Read the latest CryptoFinney community update here and get a small taste of what Kenny, Sean and the rest of the Cryptowriter team have in store for us.

And Perhaps The Most Important Reference Point

Surfing the EOS and WAX AtomicHub Marketplaces earlier today while compiling the statistics tabled at the top of this article, I was appalled to see that almost 10 rare Bare Metal Finneys featuring a red chestahedron, and at least 3 rare Bare Metal Finney’s featuring the ultra-rare green chestahedron have been put to the flame, never to be seen again.

While I wasn’t able to examine all of what has been burned on a Finney-by-Finney basis, the above clearly indicated to me that in pursuing the elusive BTCminer there has most likely been dozens, if not 100’s of Finney’s featuring the rarest of attributes burned. 

While Finney’s with pets are clearly coveted, attributes such as a ripped white t-shirt or a gold watch are significantly scarcer. How many of us are kicking ourselves for burning our Finney’s prior to checking the rarity of their attributes? 

To ensure you are not living in regret for the rest of your life, make sure you assess each Finney using this, the most handy of reference points, before applying the torch.

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