EOSweekly: EOS Foundation Board, Voice/Bullish, TARTIERS, Box, Emanate 2.0, LiquidAPPs, EdenOS Election, Finney+ETH

The EOS Foundation kicks off its first board meeting. B1 simultaneously launches Voice and Bullish. Tartiers are unveiled. Box tracked by DeFi Llama. Emanate Beta gets underway. LiquidAPPs opens up six new bounties. EdenOS’ first official election draws near. Finney heads to Ethereum.


EOS Foundation: Board Meeting #1

On the first of this month, Yves La Rose eagerly informed the community of successful discourse and expectations following the Foundation’s first board meeting. Details of the meeting are overviewed in EOS Foundations #1: Laying the Foundation. The post begins with bit of history of what led to this moment. Yves discusses the need to recruit quality minds who are passionate about building the future. This includes an advisory board seat and Core team members. Legal processes and grantees were also touched upon. How quickly an intoxicating feeling of promise transforms into an air of COREporate professionalism dedicated to fulfilling a mission so high in order!

EOSTARTER: Tartiers Claim the Top Spot

Getting new projects off the ground has long been considered the EOS mainnet’s achilles heel. Chief among the concerns is funding. Financing sources thought to support the mainnet’s growth never met expectations. This is why the early success of EOSTARTER is so important for the community. The team’s innovative and creative approach to startup dapps caught the eyes of investors. The Tartiers, EOSTARTER’s genesis NFTs, took the top spot on Atomic Hub (EOS) on day 1. Visit the site to view NFT backstories and the unique dynamics of the drop. Unlike other projects, Tartier rarities are sold independently. Rarity prices rise while mint numbers decrease. You’ll also notice the most dedicated artwork at the highest rarity, Chocolate Tart.

DeFi Box Now Tracked by DeFi Llama

DeFi Box is a one-stop, multichain DeFi solution. It brought new options to the EOS mainnet and greater networking to the larger ecosystem. DeFi Llama describes its service as:

...committed to accurate data without ads or sponsored content and transparency. We list DeFi projects from all chains.

DeFi Box swaps are incredibly useful. However, its multifaceted defi solution stands apart. DeFi Llama’s tracking of the Box token across EOS and BSC illustrates of things to come. The team behind DeFi Box is focused on user experiences and believes that it:

...can achieve Swap, Stable coin and Lending.😄😄

Emanate 2.0 on the Way

Visual artists dominate the NFT space. YoshiDrops and Emanate provide a launchpad for musicians looking to leverage blockchain technology. It’s about connecting musicians more intimately with their audiences. Networking with NFTs means that both, producers and consumers, can profit. This primes the atmosphere to blossom, as Emanate describes in its blog:  

…exponential age of innovation, we are seeing a dramatic surge in the creator economy and the global digital marketplace

As Emanate Alpha comes to a close after two years of development, 2.0 already has the support of thousands of artists and user sign-ups. A clean beta is set for the end of this year. Learn what to expect in terms of features and the play-to-earn dynamic in Buckle Up for Emanate 2.0. The post elaborates on a Stockhead interview of cofounders Sean Gardner and Jimi Frew entitled Let’s get loud: EOS-based Aussie music platform Emanate coming live to Ethereum soon.

LiquidApps New Bounties

Developing a standard for cross-chain applications is as big as any venture in crypto. Many even believe this to be the next step for a blockchain-based digital world. LiquidApps doesn’t skimp on development, going all in on revolutionary solutions. Consider the new bounties offered and the 1 million plus in DAPPs. The team aims to attract entrepreneurs and developers alike through a grants and bounties program. LiquidApps continues to develop the DAPP Network alongside a healthy ecosystem that’s growing in awareness and use cases, all while continuing to refine new and existing services.

B1 Wire: In the Game with Voice and Bullish

B1 is making a profound statement by launching both Bullish and Voice at the same time. How long before Voice tokens are available on Bullish? How fast will development progress? Has the B1 legal team answered all pertinent regulatory concerns? There’s always going to be questions with projects of this magnitude, let alone launching two side-by-side. Bullish swag can be won by participating in the Bullish Power Hour on September 7th and 9th. Brendan Blumer was again the voice of reason in the Bitcoin energy consumption discussion.

Around EdenOnEOS: October Election

First things first, the date for the first official EdenOS election is reportedly set for October 9, 2021. This week saw the seventh board meeting of the unofficial/trial Satoshi 2.0 delegates. The group continues to build upon the initial mission of scaling, iterating, fostering collaboration, and promoting transparency throughout the EOS community. The above video spotlights CryptoLions and is #4 in the EOS Block Producer Interviews. Here’s a link to the full Dan Larimer interview by Bywire News that was announced last week. Also, Chris Barnes was interviewed for a second round by  Crypto Dunker.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

Finney Global Winners were announced on the first of this month. Does this tower remind Finney of home? It’s central to why @charlie81915460 took home the first place prize? The next bit of news was sort of a surprise, or at least sooner than anticipated:

CryptoFinney is coming to Ethereum

Don’t forget about round 16 engagement winners. And this week’s EOSIO relevant Cryptowriter articles:

For visual and auditory stimulus, check out these vids from the Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


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