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Alone, EdenOnEOS and the EOS Foundation are formidable. Together they’re revolutionary. Eden Community and Foundation grants are already working together to the tune of a couple hundred thousand EOS. Origin IBC Protocol adds oomph to an expanding ecosystem. The Player’s Association (Yes, that NFL) is now part of EOSIO’s influence thanks to Upland. Even more funding and international networking comes from FinLab EOS VC Fund and Taikai working together. B1’s Bullish sends an F-4 (securities registration, not the aircraft) to the SEC while Voice releases its NFT standard. Finney demos his ETH wardrobe.


EOS Foundation Update: Second Board Meeting

The EOS Foundation board met again this week. For an account of the meeting, check out Yves' post: Above Board — Setting the Tone for the EOS Foundation. The second board meeting focused on:

  • the first wave of grants

  • EVM compatibility

  • USDT/EOS listing

Funding is selected by the Core team and reviewed by the Board of Advisors. In refreshing fashion, all proposed grant recepients are existing EOS projects. Additionally, each recipient is deemed to have a "strong reputation" with a "history of delivering". Most funding decisions were pushed back to next week's meeting. However, a one-time injection of 200,000 EOS was approved for EdenOS. With the first official EdenOnEOS election less than 1 month away, newly elected delegates need to be ready to allocate these funds. Another area deemed critically important by the Foundation is the support of new projects. Pomelo will be a funding partner and help identify suitable projects. With the Foundation up and running, Zack Gall sets his sights on a team that will create developer-focused content. Send him a message if interested.

IBC Has A lot to Offer EOS

‘Enhanced’ functionality comes to EOS in the form of the Origin IBC Protocol. GenerEOS cited the following benefits:

  • cross-chain hash lock & time lock contracts

  • wrapped tokens

  • distributed smart contracts

The protocol stands out as a:

… trustless and permissionless inter-blockchain communication protocol which operates without depending on oracles, witnesses, relayers, state channels, off-chain computations and / or any third party infrastructure, other than regular API endpoints and standard history solutions.

Operationally, any processed data can leverage compact, inexpensive action for inclusion into a smart contract. IBC protocol handles conventional token transfers as well as multi-chain activities. These include:

... token locking, staking, stakeholder voting, data fingerprinting, and so on and so forth.

IBC’s future plans include Cardano and EVM for both Ethereum and Binance.

From the Desk of Dan Larimer: Foundation Grant and ClarionOS Update

Peering deeper into the EOS Foundation grant allocation one finds stong community empowerment. ClarionOS and EdenOS were developed together. They’ve retained their relationship. As developers focus on building communication technology on ClarionOS, the first EdenOnEOS election promises to be a game changer on its own. Here are some key points from Dan Larimer's most recent post, First Blockchain Election using Eden on EOS receives grant from EOS Foundation:

  • Fractal election and fund distribution interface is near ready

  • Compensatory 100,000 EOS for the ClarionOS team's time was provided for by the EOS Foundation

  • A promise to continue to develop new technologies that support the EOS mainnet and EdenOS in advance of any funding

100,000 EOS was distributed to the ClarionOS team on top of the 200,000 EOS for EdenOS. The highly anticipated interface expects to be much more revolutionary than Dan let on in this post. The team seems super excited about some other projects in development.

NFL Upland

Major League Baseball's issuance of cards on Atomic Hub was indeed a big deal for the EOSIO ecosystem- at the very least in terms of recognition. However, the National Football League's new project is profoundly more influential. It will take some time before MLB's traditional card collectors grow accustomed to digital assets. In contrast, the NFL Players Association is ready now, already targeting 3D design and mobile distribution. The presentation reminds me of quick games commonly used by ESPN. This will likely go a long way toward demonstrating how practical NFTs and EOS can become.

FinLab EOS VC Fund and Taikai

TAIKAI is a crowdsourcing solution that connects creators with companies. FinLab EOS VC Fund specifically targets developers who build community solutions using EOSIO. The two teams came together with other partners to raise €2m in funding for international expansion. Among the many implications of an influential, sustainable, global cooperative of innovators is the disruption of the hiring process. This is TAIKAI's specialty. The team believes in blockchain, and with FinLab leading the charge for EOSIO, the sky's the limit.

B1 Wire: Week 2 at Bullish and Voice

As Bullish’s public beta comes to a close, the team announced an SEC action with Far Peak Acquisition Corporation in an F-4. This allows for the two companies to combine and register with the SEC. The initial primary impact seems limited to "forward-looking statements". Voice released it's Simple Assets Plus and Simple Market plan. SA+ has somewhat of a long list of features including:

  • multiple co-creators

  • custom IPs

  • containerized NFTs

  • airdrops

Check out this tweet for more about how Voice envisions the future of NFTs. Learn more about what Voice has to offer here and/or visit the FAQs. The team is also promoting it's discord channel. In addition to all that's going on at B1, CEO Brendan Blumer (as well as Everything EOS) strongly advocated for green blockchain technology.

Quick Update [rumor]: Voice transactions soon published on EOS mainnet via @Maplenut_EOS from ?Salah.

Around EdenOnEOS

EdenOnEOS quickly grew to the point where something’s always going on. In conjunction with aggressive development, onboarding new users remains a key initiative. Taken together and the future of the most active blockchain shines undeniably bright. Is it any wonder why the NFL (Upland) joins MLB (Atomic Hub) as a community member? Only time will tell what will become of the mainnet and greater ecosystem in the months ahead. The outlook is so bright that the EOS Foundation promised an additional 200 EOS per new member that signs up for the October 9th election. Right now you can help shape the future of the Foundation by leaving a comment with Yves about projects deserving of future grants.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report 

Those certainly are amazing new features coming via Ethereum. It’s not often that EOS and ETH find friendly ground. Thanks to bridge building efforts that include Cryptowriter, grander blockchain partnerships are more viable. Growing networks need nurturing. Cryptowriter tweets (1, 2, 3) on art preservation help ensure integrity. If you devotedly follow Finney, then you know about Facings and will want to view this episode. Check out round 17 engagement winners. This week’s EOSIO relevant Cryptowriter articles:

For videos, check out the Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


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