EOSweekly: EOS Marketplace, Foundation Grants, Pomelo NFT Mining, Voice-Circle, Greenback, Greymass


People are at the heart of the EOS Marketplace and the proposed Foundation grants. Pomelo hopes to uplift our tree friends. Extending further out into the ecosystem, we can see Voice’s partnership with Circle growing in influence and B1 spotlight on Greenback recycling. As for the community, EdenOnEOS is taking a lead role with it’s second BP interview (Aaron Cox of Greymass). Relax, Finney packs were moved to next week.


EOS Marketplace Makes its Presence Felt

EOS Marketplace and EOS Microloan are complementary projects that support local P2P networks. EOS is as central to the mission as any other. It’s about people helping people. One of the biggest focuses right now are phones. The faster acquired, the faster users are on-boarded. Not only does this grow the EOS economy, but it does so in the most meaningful. Places like Venezuela that were robbed of economic liberties now know an advantage privy to few other areas of the world. “Unlike Bitcoin”, high speed blockchain, infinitesimal transaction costs, and the freedom of a decentralized economy all come together to provide a bright future. Like building an island infrastructure around an aviation economy where roads don’t reach, EOS can transform third world economies overnight.

Won Up on the EOS Foundation: Grants on the Way

The EOS Foundation would have been the headline for sure if not for real people sharing their local stories. Have you heard of the EOS Foundation but are unsure of why there’s so much excitement? (If you just want a link to the multisig, go here.) Does chatter of centralization ring in your ears? When it comes to a trusted face for EOS news, most recognize Zack Gall (and for many months Rob Finch) as host of Everything EOS. By Wire News said:

Best video and news we have seen from the #EOSIO community in quite some time!

For a deeper dive into what the EOS Foundation can mean for the community, check out the video hosted by Zack and Chris Barnes. A key point presented is how Yves has always taken a lead role in transparency. We expect the same with the EOS Foundation. For some play-by-play release notes, check out the Everything EOS telegram channel. Zack does mentioned Cryptowriter. Let it be known that Cryptowriter acknowledges the need and support of the Foundation. Our own Kenny Lienhard was among those who took the news running when it broke on the 6th:

This is huge!!! Yves has my full support, let's make the #EOSFoundation a reality and get the show on the road ...

And as Mark Bailey put it:

Centralized Efficiency with Decentralized Community

Founding the EOS Foundation overviews the dynamics of the initial multisig. Recall the feelings of DAWN. Seems like forever in EOS time, but it really wasn’t that long ago. Now, eosio.grants plans to deliver on those early promises by leveraging a couple of percentage points off of inflation. Not a bad start indeed.

Pomelo NFT Mining Comes to EOS

You’ve heard of Pomelo, right? Zack Gall and EOS Nation enthusiastically discuss the project. The Pomelo team has their own Finney, so you know that Cryptowriter is on board. In a word, Pomelo is about ‘crowdfunding’, (Greenback [see the B1 Wire actively supports the environment]- oops). You can help Pomelo get started funding new projects by taking part in the:

Juicy Pomelo NFT yield! 🌳

Just released, Pomelo gamifies a world that better supports innovation. It’s about uplifting localized needs. Read or watch EOS Hot Sauce (#114) to learn about harvesting Pomelo.

Voice-Circle’s Partnership and Growing Influence

To say that Circle is ambitious is an understatement. The company ventures to become a national digital currency bank; something similar to what led to Mark Zuckerberg’s grilling on Capitol Hill. Through Voice and Bullish, B1 shares Circle's aggressive pursuit of innovation. When considering the potention for global impact, it’s important to take note of Bullish’s trading pairs. Many exchanges shun EOS or bury its influence. Also this week, Voice was active in other ways as it preps for a summer launch. The team cited the Center for Art Law in regards to:

…artist resale royalty rights and ART Act Open book…

This coincided with an on point article entitled, It’s Not That Easy: Artist Resale Royalty Rights and The ART Act, illustrating Voice’s cautionary journey to bring quality NFTs to the masses. In Voice Makes NFTs Easy With New Carbon Neutral Platform the team discusses the challenges in developing a platform that acts as an ‘easy button’ for minting NFTs. Combining ‘zero gas fees’, an efficient blockchain, and a user friendly platform brings creators and audiences closer together. Check out another recent Voice post for insight into the mindset of artists venturing into the NFT space.

B1 Wire: Greenback Reinventing Recycling

Voice’s partnership with Circle seemed a bit too much to squeeze into this section. Other B1 news this week included:

  • Re-focusing attention to EOSIO release 2.2 and Network Access Control. A key aspect is administratively controlled privacy groups. It also expects to improve networking while upholding security on par with enterprise systems.

  • Visit an EOS Go article to dig into the recently launched EOSIO Enhancement Proposal (EEPs) program. This is an open source solution that improves upon current technology while again focusing on security. B1 promotes the program as a community-centric venture.

  • Quietly making an introduction was Greenback. The plastic recycling project was featured on Built on EOSIO. The team is on a mission to:

    … solve the global #plasticwaste crisis [through] implementing a scalable and distributed advanced collection and #recycling solution that offers brand owners and the plastics value chain fully #traceable recyclate…

    In addition to advancing the space, Greenback believes it can provide new avenues for compliance and innovative payments.

Around EdenOnEOS: Does Aaron Cox Need Hollywood-Style Shades?

The EOS Foundation dominated conversation around EdenOnEOS community this week. Only the likes of Greymass’ Aaron Cox could steal the spotlight. He was interviewed by Chris Barnes for Everything EOS in Block Producers Interview #2. Greymass continues to push innovation, especially for the Anchor wallet. There’s a bright vision for Anchor as profound as any other dapp. Greymass’ current goal is to grow Anchor’s technology stack into something that balances a user friendly experience with robust application. It’s an EOS mainnet solution that ties in other valued aspects of the ecosystem. Once Anchor ships off, we can expect Aaron and Greymass to deliver on some more fun stuff that’s certain to captivate user eyeballs. Watch the interview to learn about the origins of Greymass and the team's history as way back as the Steem ecosystem and those early wallets. Also this week was the fourth meeting of the 2nd Trial Eden Board.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: Have You Seen Him Yet?

The Finney Marketing Company has enough influence over the weekly happenings around crypto- this is all the space you get Mr. Shift:

If you prefer video format, check out the Roundtable - Finney Vol 1 Pre-FOMO.

As for Finney himself, he could be found enthusiastically investigating Round 14 engagement winners and eagerly learning more about blockchain by reading Cryptowriter articles:

What kind of movies does Finney unwind to at the end of the day? Beyond documentaries, some think Earth Sci Fi reminds him of home. Of course there's the movie Crypto and the show Start Up. He’s believed to have grown past the fence straddling of Silicon Valley, but not the idea of a decentralized internet. Not surprisingly, he also mixes in some entertaining content from the Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


Twitter avatar for @NovaCryptoLTDNovaCrypto LTD 🇨🇭 Startup @NovaCryptoLTD
NovaCrypto is building
MindWeb.io End Q4 2021 Collaborative🔄Online Platform - MindWeb on #EOS 1️⃣Open-Gateway to Edu Platform 2️⃣Upload local MindMap (FreeMind, MindManager ...) 3️⃣UX/UI - online KM Builder Ad. youtu.be/01qQW1hjBz0 KM youtu.be/TgfKoGPH-Dw Image

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