EOSweekly: EOS Marketplace, Hot Clips, Unicove, Uplift, Defibox, EOS-in-a-Box, Crunks

EOS Marketplace changes lives. We’ve got Spicy Hot Clips, BluDAC, and a Unicove webwallet. Uplift has a new economy. More about the second wave DeFi Recognition Grants. Defibox is exploding with DAPP. EOS-in-a-Box and Eden member proxies get ready for takeoff. Have you heard… GoldenDroid Finney and The CRUNKS.


EOS Marketplace / MicroLoans Growing Stronger

Chris Barnes hosted EOS Block Producer Interview #8 in honor of the life changing potential of EOS MicroLoans / Marketplace. He highlighted the direct impact on individual lives. It’s as much needed in Venezuela as anywhere else. The team expressed gratitude for allowing their story to be heard. EOS Marketplace / Microloan is a growing community with productive members including agro-industrial engineers. Benefits provided include:

  • Fully backed loans

  • credit

  • equipment

EOS Marketplace / Microloan (bppgl.mlt) believes it can do even more as a higher ranking BP and asks for your vote:

...account holders have united to empower another business owner…

EOS Marketplace Times first publication was found here. The team has termed its efforts as Human Finance.

EOS Hot Sauce Even Spicier (and Monthly WAX Report)

Refusing to lose flavor over time, EOS Hot Sauce now has Clips! What better way to start a series than with Dan Larimer kicking off the first official Eden Election (see video clip above). EOS Nation’s monthly WAX report posted this week. Two events the team highlighted were:

  • .gems Discovery TV

  • WAX Audio NFTs on the Metaverse Music Festival

BluDAC was also explored in a recent EOS Hot Sauce Live Stream.:

...the newest addition to the WAX DeFi Toolkit…

Liquidity Pool tokens are the focus here. More about BluDAC in the next section...

Uplift’s New Economy: P2P Shops Replace Villagers

It’s getting hard to talk about WAX without running into members of the Uplift community. From independent worlds to Shippletopia and BluDAC, Uplifters are not bound by a single Dapp. Uplift is a place to create, play, express, interact and network. Shippletopia is a combination theme park and entertainment venue. BluDAC (note I maintain a small stake) appears to be throttling hard toward asset staking for both tokens and NFTs. Did I mention that Uplift replaced its Minecraft Villagers with human run shops. If you were around for the Sign Punching event (on the Genesis server), then you’d appreciate the activity that in-game shops are inspiring. Don’t forget about Uplift player/owner rewards. Sadisty’s Addiction at the Rainbow of Death (on Upluft server), was chosen (even if they spelled the Aviators’ Lounge wrong) as the featured image because ol’ Sadisty provided the community with a list of shop locations [updated].

Unicove Web-wallet by Greymass (and Progress Report)

Greymass’ focus has historically been on reliability. It has needed to provide, not just an Anchor for community operations, but uncontested stability. With its headman now Head Chief, Greymass can finally glide toward its expansionary and toolkit plans. This week it introduced Unicove. The new web wallet is poised to provide operations comparable to that of MyEtherWallet. Those who use the WAX Cloud Wallet understand the advantage. For details about Unicove including why Greymass prioritized it, as well as early features, visit the forum post Unicove — Your Portal to EOSIO Blockchains. Greymass also released its October progress report this week.

Yves La Rose on the Second Wave DeFi Grants

Yves La Rose and the EOS Network Foundation roared onto the scene mere weeks ago. Its presence was as such as to cast a deep, dark shadow over the news coming out of the community. No one said anything because there was hope of real change and network growth. This week illustrates how fast the community is growing as well as new applications getting out-of-the-box. Yves’ post In Support of the EOS DeFi Ecosystem discusses the second wave of Recognition Grants settling into an ecosystem already much stronger. It’s one with expanded peripheral gazes across projects. Still, let’s not lose sight of the greatness of Yves and be attentive to his comments about the second wave DeFi grants:

#EOS was built to be a financial machine ...architected with decentralized finance at its core... #DeFi Recognition Grants ...are only the beginning.

DeFi Box: A lot Popped Out this Week

Quietly, Defibox provides powerful staking and liquidity tools. It’ll be hard to stay under the radar moving forward. Defibox Foundation officially launched this week. The vision is:

…to become a decentralized project, open proposal right to the community and realize community autonomy. 

DefiboxDAO Board and Professional Committees members undergo elections via BOX DAO. Defibox is also vested in the EOS node campaign and ecological construction. Information about income distribution for participation can be found here. Dual rewards of  BOX and DAPP will be available for a limited time. The team is seeking comments to expand its influence. Why? Like EOS MicroLoan (mentioned previously), the team wants to move up the rankings. Currently at 23, just two places away from active block production. For more information check out Earn DAPP on Defibox in 6 Steps.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

It’d been worth your time if the only news you encountered this week was the tidbit posted by @EOSEden (via twitter) regarding EOS’ #3 ranking on the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (for a time in the future- October 28, 2021). This forces (yes forces) investors with fiduciary responsibility to notice EOS. We live in a world of Bitcoin dominance where altcoins relate little to Ethereum (also Proof-of-Work). So who’s next? EOS, that’s who! Of course, you know there’s more EOS news; but this section is about Eden community- soon to be a galaxy unto its own:

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: Crunks Sell Out!

If you’ve yet to align yourself with Finney's mission, know that extending a cross-chain reach is only the beginning. Communities on EOS and WAX saw the birth. The Ethereum launch seems like yesterday. And now, our rapidly growing community finds itself on the Terra blockchain with The Crunks. 10,000 mints on Random Earth sold out in a day. Congratulations team. Maybe the best way to describe The Crunks-Finney relationship is by reading what our gold android tweeted:

...finding that cryptocurrency’s true strength lies in the communities and friendships made along the way. 

Also newsworthy this week was Finney’s first place finish in the Allies of Warsaken contest. You can check the status of Round 20 Engagement Reward Winners here. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

New videos on the Cryptowriter Podcast Network include:


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Self-sovereign identity (#SSI) is very important for #web3, to put the user back in control of their data. Now, it's on #EOS! Related article on @IBM:

Gimly Blockchain Projects @gimly_io

1/4 The #EOSIO ID working group completed the @EOSIO DID. Thanks @Europechain, @EOSCostarica, @B1, @ScarcityDigital, @Rewired_One, and @VoiceHQ for sharing the vision of interoperable #SSI for #EOS, #Europechain, #Telos, #WAX! Join the group here: https://t.co/FMDQymcJaf
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