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Crypto Section

Dreamer’s comment on Ethereum Upgrade Burn Mechanicss Released

The burning system on the ETH Network looks awesome and the new baremetal and new Unicorn Finney looks dope, the Finneys a hidden treasure in ETH and other networks.

NFT Section

Ricardo Brochado’s comment on Ethereum Upgrade Burn Mechanicss Released

The most interesting thing about Finney is Deflation. There's not a lot of projects aout there that have this in mind and Finney had from the beggining.

Think about the old good Finney coins, the Inception of everything, and still bebing burned out there.

The Burning of a Finney, is now, for the OGs and even for the newcomers, a Ritual that makes you ascend to another level.

And for those that are in doubt if they should burn a 6 Finneys to get to a Unicorn, let me just put it like this, the WAX version, the BTC Miner, gave us, holders, 8 different NFTs, all very different and limited that will have an utility pretty soon.

EOS Section

Husnu Coban’s comment on Earn Dapp And Box LP Rewards

I think farm and stake are very important in this market. Considering crypto as a human being, I think it's a vital organ. If there is a full-fledged project and we want to make it sustainable, there should be varieties of farm and stake. This makes the project more efficient and sustainable. It also looks like a nice stake and farm here. I don't usually do LP farming. I prefer stakes. But profit rates are usually higher. This is a matter of preference. I also see in the article that a very diverse system has been made. This will be good for people. Anyone who wants to will evaluate it the way they want. Thanks for the nice article and information.

Ethereum Section

TheOldDudes’s comment on What Will The Ethereum Upgrade Mean

The Ethereum upgrade really shows the ability and willingness of the network to adapt to the demands of the world. I feel this adaptability really gives promise to the future of the apps built on Ethereum.

Bitcoin Section

Zate01’s comment on Art Of The Chart Taking Requests

This is so true!! Bonds are junk compared to the true value that we will see with bitcoin in the years to come. When you said even your great, great, great, grandchildren will be thankful lol, you are correct. More and more people are beginning to wake up to the digital currency revolution, and once it goes mainstream and people that you have never heard talk about it, start to talk about it. Buy, buy ,buy because it may be cheap now compared to what it is going to be. Hodler for life. ✌ It's funny you mentioned Babe Ruth cards, because in 20 years these nfts are going to be the "new Babe Ruth" cards.

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