EOSweekly: VOTE, Finney on ETH, Blockchain Justice, WAX Report, Surprise NFTs and Smoothies

VOTE! Finney launched onto its third chain (Ethereum) this week. EOS Power Network is poised to electrify DeFi. Decentralized justice begins to take form. We now have smoothies. Monthly WAX report is out. Surprise Uplifters, .gems and Dream Big holders. EdenOnEOS voting sign up ends on October 8.


Introducing the EOS Power Network

Quietly finding respect this week was the EOS Power Network. The new DeFi platform promises to advance pull requests for more elaborate applications and projects. Successful software engineer James Mart has dedicated his full attention to the network. The EOS Power Network team believes that the EOS mainnet is necessary for DeFi and pull requests are the key to advancing traditional finance.

Decentralizing Justice

Dan Larimer has always pushed the envelope for the advancement of blockchain technology. With his book More Equal Animals, he takes blockchain to another level; one that will impact various aspects of the human condition to a great degree. Like his approach to development, Dan does not stop there. This week he outlined a modern, blockchain-based justice system in Decentralized Dispute Resolution. I reviewed it and provided comments on points that stood out, as well as inspired ideas and vision.

EOSTARTER: Veronica Diaz Creamy Vanilla

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Key to the growth of the EOS mainnet is funding new projects. This is EOSTARTER's mission. Veronica Diaz's Creamy Vanilla is a new NFT project designed to grow alongside a real life smoothie shop. One of the most exciting aspects of Veronica's NFTs is how they benefit education in Venezuela. It's one of the first projects sponsored by EOSTARTER and serves as an example for the new environment surrounding EOS.

WAX OIG Report for September

WAX and EOS are intimately connected in so many ways. The most important is sharing EOSIO technology. Thus, EOS Nation's interest in WAX should be no surprise. WAX's Office of Inspector General tasked EOS Nation with providing monthly reports. You probably already know about Heidi Taillefer’s Frogs. Other key events in September include new nodeos public monitoring tools, Ocean Defenders NFTs, educational initiatives, live metaverse events, the .gems marketplace and the promotion of musical events (e.g. Yoshi Drops).

Uplift Continues to Churn Along

You've seen how easily discussions can turn from EOS to WAX and vice versa. Now allow me to mention a few words about Uplift. For starters, the development team is preparing a move to AWS. This will improve the overall environment and groundwork for a vibrant future. Quick recap:

  • Upliftium Crystallized NFTs have been active for a few weeks now.

  • Upliftium swapping is live.

  • A dedicated market on the Alcor exchange seems imminent.

Note that Alcor services both WAX and EOS mainnets. To illustrate how engaged the team is with its community, as well as ongoing development, consider the surprise drop and mystery behind a three-tiered Upliftium accumulation NFT. There are several other imminent releases, like P2P kiosks. The Uplift World is an exciting project with seemingly limitless potential. 

dotGems Surprise NFT Drop

Another surprise NFT drop landed on the .gems community. GBK Evangelist were airdropped to all holders of the GBK.gems collection. These accounts were also whitelisted to claim a mooncake ingredient. Dream Big collection holders also found a surprise in their wallets and were able to claim an ingredient as well. Additionally, the team announced Frog drops from Heidi, the same artist promoted by EOS Nation.

EOS Foundation

The EOS Foundation is not EdenOS and EdenOS is not the EOS Foundation- even if, they both made themselves avialable to make a difference at the same time. Furthermore, you'll find few (if anyone) who doesn’t support both. That said, the Foundation really deserves its own weekly coverage. The closer one looks, the clearer their unique horizons become- albeit with similar constitutions. Follow Yves La Rose, Everything EOS, and Zach Gall to learn more and stay up to date.

Around EdenOnEOS

If you are an EdenOnEOS member, don’t forget to sign up (by October 8th) for the October 9th election - takes like 8 seconds. B1 didn't have much going on this week, but what's worth reporting is significant. B1’s voting adjustment also fits in with this roundup. Voting is not just the basis of EdenOS technology, it's also a key concern for the mainnet. As reported by Chris Barnes, the treasury now has an excess of 203,000 EOS (also see ‘Community stats’ in the image above).

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

Finney is now on Ethereum. Take the brevity of this report to mint a new ETH Finney, explore OpenSea, and join discord. This week's EOS relevant Cryptowriter articles include:

Check out the videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


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