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Had the EOS price not rocked the community this week, maybe Dan Larimer’s new post would have seen more action. User expereince seemed to characterize a week that saw decentralized web hosting, Anchor for Android, and DAO Bulls rapid solution for DAO creation. As always, there’s more from B1 and Cryptowriter.


EdenOS Alpha Test Election

Dan Larimer reached out to the community to announce a new smart contract testing framework:

Here’s a short video discussing some of what’s involved in testing EdenOS using this new method. Volunteers will conduct the test manually. 1000 EOS is set aside for the winner of the mock election. For more information, visit my article, EdenOS Alpha and EOS’ Light Over the Horizon. Also, keep May 13th open for the Alpha test. Anyone who completes a registration, has an EOS account and joins the telegram discussion is eligible. Here’s a direct link to the instructions for the Eden Test Election.

Soaring EOS Price

All crypto is up. Ethereum continues to break all time high while Bitcoin crept down alongside the rest of the industry. And then, EOS made an impressive move over the course of just a few days. It did not break all-time highs but did pull out of a 2-year slump breaking through 10, 11, and 12 dollar barriers, in part as a response to recent press. It was just a month ago that Citigroup’s and Inter-American Development Bank's use of cross border payments via EOSIO-based LACChain hit mainstream media. It's not everyday that Bitcoin makes NASDAQ news, let alone a cryptocurrency outside of the top 20. Maybe most important is that independent blockchain ecosystems are beginning to show some personality. 

Decentralized Web Hosting via (DappSurf) Net.inc

Growing the crypto community means meeting needs already being serviced. Web hosting is fundamental for a decentralized future. DappSurf does just that. Recently it held a poll to help choose a new name, Net.inc. It did so just before announcing EOS as the first public blockchain where users have access to decentralized web hosting. Net.inc achieves this at a much lower cost than traditional web hosting. Developers will also enjoy the use of block producer infrastructure for free. Look out for powerful updates in the days ahead.

Dan Larmier: The Sovereignty of Blockchains

With the growth of EOScommunity.org and recent strides toward making EdenOS and ClarionOS a reality, Dan Larimer took the time to examine the implications of EdenOS with respects to principles outlined in More Equal Animals. In a post entitled The Sovereignty of Blockchains, Dan compares blockchain environments to that of land ownership across different national regulatory regimes. He examines how to ensure true Democratic governance and funding mechanisms. Considering this discussion of sovereign blockchains, it’s worth mentioning a recent announcement by Upbit and the Korean EOS Token Holder Association. Voting rights are being returned to the community by separating cold wallets into micro accounts, among other actions (source found thanks to rektkid). 

Early Access to Anchor on Android

Early access to Anchor’s Android authenticator was announced last week. This initial stage seeks to refine and improve the user experience. Developers successfully audited the codebase in terms of security. Still, caution is recommended until a sufficient amount of feedback is generated. Only ‘minimal value’ accounts are recommended. The authenticator connects external EOS applications. Integrated apps can be found here. For those new to EOS, Anchor is developed by Greymass, a battle tested group and innovation leader.

DAO Bulls: A Refreshing Perspective on DAOs

With the announcement of the EOSIO Hackathon winners last week, DAO Bulls took the opportunity to highlight it's top project. At the most basic level it’s about enabling users to spin up a DAO in minutes. You read that correctly- just minutes. Other key features will include redefining the online community, searchable DAOs, vote configuration, and shareholder settings. Check out the 5 minute video presentation to learn a bit more.

Voice Update

Voice is no more, at least in terms of long form content. Voice 2.0 introduces NFTs to social media. And yes, there will still be a native token and it will integrate with EOS. CEO Salah Zalatimo outlined the coming changes in a recent tweet. There's a 3-month timeline to launch over the summer. A primary goal is to comply with us regulators for acceptance of the (fungible) Voice Token. The native token is designed to advance the platform’s strategic vision as a solution for many of the issues plaguing social media today. A primary reason for not building directly on the mainnet was the restrictions imposed by some US states, particularly New York. Salah also thanked the Genesis community and provided reassurance that the new beta will be launching soon.

Block.one Wire

It wasn’t long ago that EOSIO-based tech caught the eyes of the banking community (e.g. Citigroup). Add this to the attention brought by the recent Hackathon and staking proposal, and it becomes clear that Block.one has a lot to consider. Maybe that’s why this week Block.one focused on users. PowerUp resource automation and tools are critical to the future success of onboarding. Among the advantages highlighted were:

  • Chintai Network’s CHARM and the way its automatic allocation helps dapp developers

  • Community funded transitions

  • Wallets: Anchor, TokenPocket, and Bloks.io

As the ecosystem of EOSIO-based technology grows, B1 expands its influence and leadership to accommodate a more diverse user base. B1 demonstrated its leadership again by calling attention to an onboarding webinar. 

CryptoFinney (Cryptowriter) Report

There’s a lot going on at Cryptowriter. Maybe it’s best described by @NaroochESH:


Twitter avatar for @bountyblokbountyblok @bountyblok
drop.bountyblok.io has helped projects with over 2,000 NFT Distributions across 25,000 TXs and 570,000 accounts. giftnft.io has helped users GIFT over 15,000 NFTs via Email and Twitter DMs to friends and family. Powered by @WAX_io #EOSIOGift NFTgiftnft.io
Twitter avatar for @rektkid_rektkid @rektkid_
Some geo-blocking with
bullish.com Will do some more investigating but so far it seems like Japan and Canada are on the naughty list. Most other places in Europe, US (inc New York), South America (only checked Brazil), UK, Hong Kong, Singapore etc seem fine.BullishGo Boldly. Go Bullishbullish.com
Twitter avatar for @bountyblokbountyblok @bountyblok
drop.bountyblok.io has helped projects with over 2,000 NFT Distributions across 25,000 TXs and 570,000 accounts. giftnft.io has helped users GIFT over 15,000 NFTs via Email and Twitter DMs to friends and family. Powered by @WAX_io #EOSIOGift NFTgiftnft.io

EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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