EOSweekly: TALAMA, EOS Metamask, Wombat.crypto, AlgoTrader’s, Voice, Greymass, Foundation/BPs, and Finney’s Journey


Outer space is the limit for TALAMA. EOS Metamask and Wombat .crypto domains draw the mainnet closer to ETH. New potential with AlgoTrader’s market oracle. Earth shaking stuff coming out of Voice. Greymass has a plan for EOS. The Foundation is putting the spotlight on BPs. Writer Comics releases volume one of Finney’s Immutable Journey.


LiquidApps #TALAMA 

The much anticipated AMA with CTO Tal Muskal took place this past week. For those new to the ecosystem, the LiquidApps team’s dedication to cross chain functionality may prove unmatch. It’s about more than dapps inclusion of tokens with relationships. The team sets its sights beyond Ethereum integration. Read a detailed account of what Tal had to say to the community in the DAPP Network blog or listen to the session EdgeOS, Immortal dApps, Interoperability, DAPP Network on EVM, and LiquidChains. Here’s my eye-fav-share (from the blog):

...any service that you could imagine...Facebook or a search engine... that would normally need servers.

...EdgeOS, you could probably use it without even knowing…

...would really want to see EVM mini chains.

EOS Mainnet on Metamask

EOS Go wrote a couple of articles leading up to Metamask going live on the mainnet. The latest post, EOS Mainnet Available on Metamask, praises EOS Argentina for its role in a new bridge. There you’ll also find reasonable gas fees displayed in EOS. It brings the ETH and EOS ecosystems that much closer. Who knows what the future may hold when blockchains work together. Visit EOS Community forums for step-by-step instructions on how to add the wallet to Metamask and learn about deposits/withdrawals. 

AlgoTrader Releases EOSIO Market Data Oracle

Smart contract development just got a boost. AlgoTrader released the EOSIO Market Data Oracle, an open source solution. Developers gain free access to market information (e.g. prices) in real time. Algo Trader touts this as support for:

…the creation of crypto derivatives, synthetic instruments and stablecoins...

The Oracle compares to Ethereum’s Chainlink for its advantages in linking on- and off-chain data. Customization also gets a boost with live front end visualization of the market.

Anchor Update: Soaring Beyond Authentication

The Greymass team is a pillar of the EOS community. There's no doubt that without its support the EOS mainnet would not be where it is today. As the community prepares to advance the crypto industry in terms of fractal governance, funding, and overall functionality, Greymass has plans to:

help lead the charge

Visit the EOS community forums to read about the ideas behind the presentation currently being prepared for a vision of what the EOSIO ecosystem can become. Expect a tentative, yet technically oriented, roadmap soon. At the moment, the team has broken down it's Vision into three primary categories. Join the form discussion to find out more. FYI, there’s an early access Android testing phase.

Integration of .crypto Domains

Seems to be the week of cross-chain ventures. Not to be out done, Wombat integrated .crypto domains. This means more users who are familiar with EOS, ETH, and TLOS. Read about the collaboration in The ultimate guide to Unstoppable Domains. The post answers questions like why use Unstoppable Domains, how to obtain one, and tethering a name to your account.

B1 Wire: Voice Insight and Status

Voice maintains a mission of empowering users on an environmentally (and user) friendly experience. CEO Salah Zalatimo had a lot to say this week. He commented on integration (e.g. Metamask and Instagram), staying focused, and core platform dynamics (decentralized, robust, and portable). Salah also took the time to join in on artist appreciation by sharing a favorite VR paintings and the creative process. On the subject, Arinabbart stressed the importance for artists to learn how to tell their stories and Federico Clapis pushed the envelope for NFT adoption:

For insight into Voice’s vision, read So you want to get into NFTs? You can sign up for the newsletter for latest updates. In other B1 news, Bullish Game 2 is underway. Also note that Coinbase CEO announced intention to follow Bullish’s lead in regards to recycling liquidity. 

Around the EdenOnEOS Community: Emerging from the Fire- The EOS Foundation 

Amidst the chatter, the top story remains the 2% inflation allocation for the Yves La Rose led EOS Foundation. This week, Yves discussed core technology and grant distribution . EosEden put a spotlight on the BP’s that have yet to approve “setinflation”. The twitter account regularly engages the community within a mainstream environment. Another example of its persistence was inquiring what individually each of us would do with 10% control over the mainnet. A story likely to gain interest in the weeks ahead is the pool of tokens only claimable by Eden members. Currently available for claim are:

  • BOID

  • CETF




A brief summary of each is available on the consortium.vote claim page. In an exchange with Vitalik Buterin, Daniel Larimer discussed fractal democracy in what I heard for the first time as “proof of person”. There was apparent agreement of moving beyond mere coin voting.

Finally, and certainly lastly, like clockwork, the 5th (trial) board meeting and roadmap / progress report winds down each week.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: Finney V1 Comic

Were you there the day that the first Genesis Finney Coin was discovered? Are you aware of lifetime membership benefits? How about BTC miners? Finney 2.0? Well today you have the pleasure of hearing Finney’s stories. In Finney’s own words: 

Hopefully, by the time you read this, Volume 1: Immutable Journey will still be available for purchase at the Finney.World Shop. If not, you can explore the secondary market. Get an overview of the drop and how the community took to the streets with Finney Vol. 1 Pack Sale. Don’t let the brevity misguide from the excitement. This entertaining, engaging and detail oriented educational tool expressly for the purpose of raising awareness about crypto is of critical importance. With that, here are this weeks articles that support EOS and the greater ecosystem:

As for Cryptowriter Podcasts with EOS spirit in mind:

Don't forget about this week’s engagement winners (Round 15).


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