EOSweekly: Voice Partners with Circle, Chintai, Bullish, Tartiers and the EOS Foundation


A quiet week around EOS- or was it. Voice, Chintai and Bullish are all in beta. Bullish is set to launch in September. Voice likely launches sooner to hit its mysterious Summer target. EOStarter is another potentially impactful project that’s near ready. Recently announced and a bit further out is the EOS Foundation. B1 remains active and attentive to decentralized projects. The first official EdenOS vote is a little over a month away. Finney is working behind the scenes to get packs out and prep for 2.0. 


Voice Update and Partnership

Voice is making its presence felt as it prepares for an end of Summer launch. CEO Salah Zalatimo  announced a partnership with Circle. This instantly makes Voice tokens a cross-chain event based around USDC. For those concerned about Voice becoming another overpriced, sluggish dApp clogged by an exorbitant Ether price, Salah reassures that EOS is an essential focus, both financially and as the ledger of choice. Salah also noted that the team is looking for a payment processor who can handle EOS.

Amidst astute focus on promoting art and ideas, it’s easy to miss the effort that the Voice team is putting into legal aspects of NFTs.

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Yves La Rose and the EOS Foundation

Former EOS Nation CEO, Yves La Rose, looks to strengthen the EOS ecosystem by attending to core needs. Termed the EOS Foundation, Yves is determined to complement the renewed push for decentralization with much needed structure. Key area he’s targeting are:

  • grants 

  • sponsorships

  • infrastructure support

With the help of respected community members and dedicated Block Producers, the EOS Foundation plans to grow into a steward for resources towards these ends. Proposed funding is in the form of:

… increasing the inflation of the network by 2% …

The effort appears to be a step in the right direction toward a stronger ecosystem. While modeling a traditional centralized system in totality is probably unadvised, utilizing the lessons of the past as we build a better tomorrow remains the wisest course. EOS has always focused on function. The EOS Foundation appears to harbor a similar vision. Dan Larimer shared his take on the Foundation in Maturing to Decentralization and as did Sean Ballent in A New Dawn.

Upcoming AMA with LiquidApps Tal Muskal

Tal Muskal is one of the foremost thinkers and developers of cross-chain technology. The CTO of LiquidApps will be hosting an AMA on Telegram on August 9 at 1400 UTC. He’ll be fielding questions about anything related to the DAPP Network such as immortal dApps and EdgeOS. If you’re looking for ideas or to gauge the status of the network, check out  Immortal dApp Series: Part 2 — Web 3.0 + The DAPP Network by DAPP Labs. The article discusses:

  • Enduring the move to decentralized servers

  • How blockchain is already providing use cases for new models

  • Fully decentralized solutions with “… the same seamless experience as traditional applications …” 

There’s a lot going on around the DAPP Network, like a “... Zeus SDK git repo [that] contains 118k+ lines of code.” and ERC-20 Token integration. Also, Zack Gall commented on Web 3.0 running on DAPP and the announcement of the meme contest winners.

EOStarter: Taking that Next Step in the Crypto Dream

EOStarter continues to demonstrate a passion for the pure vision of blockchain. How Satoshi dreamed the world could become. The team is:

building a platform that moves away from First-Come First-Serve token distribution.

It’s doing so while maintaining a focus on compliance. EOStater is about harnessing the power of community:

What community-driven project would be worth its weight in Bitcoin (EOS-wrapped of course) if it didn’t connect with EdenOnEOS. To what degree remains to be seen. Hopefully, other projects will follow EOStarter’s lead and look to EdenoOS and ClarionOS tech early in their development. Be on the lookout for the Tartiers- 12 days and counting.

Chintai Opens Private Beta

A few weeks ago, the Chintai team announced its private beta. It opened as scheduled on the 31st. Chintai was founded with the expressed purpose of creating:

 … a fair, efficient and transparent financial system that offers equal opportunity to all market participants.

The team amassed sound financing as it looks to gain MAS licensing.

Next on the roadmap are:

  • Launching a P2P Exchange

  • Chintai 3.0 Launch (Beta Platform / Institutional Portal)

  • First Enterprise Clients Pilot Full Beta Platform

Other milestones are listed on the Chintai Roadmap. There’s no date-specific expectations for deployment outside of the ordered roadmap listing. If Chintai’s history is any measure, then the EOS community can rest assured that the team will deliver. Watch an interview of David Packham, CEO of Chintai by Jillian Godsil to learn more.

B1 Wire: Bullish, Community Insight, and a Bit of Focus on Open Source

B1 has its hands full with Bullish entering the spotlight (and likely Voice as well). EOS community members are encouraged to sign up for the private pilot. There’s monetary incentive to do so with successive 2-week long competitions awarding substantial sums to the top three finishers. At this early stage, Bullish trading pairs are limited. That still didn’t stop the community from calling on B1 to set up a direct BTC-EOS trade. One currently exists for ETH. For the time being, the community will need to make due with an EOS-USD pair. Hard to imagine trading will remain this limited when the platform launches for real in September. Also this week, B1 called attention to the new EOSIO Enhancement Program. The open source initiative was revamped to provide better stability, performance, innovation, and security. Developers are encouraged to share their ideas. I shared personal experiences and insight in My Experience with Bullish.com and the Potential of a Liquid EOS.

Around the EdenOnEOS Community

If you read through other aspects of this newsletter then you know how active EdenOnEOS is becoming. We have yet to see the first official election and already developers like EOStarter are planing with EdenOnEOS in mind. You’re also sure to notice chatter around influential projects (e.g. Dan Larimer discussing the EOS Foundation). For hard core EdedOS stuff, check out:

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

The community was recently treated to something truly special- personal background from the founder. Give it a good read to understand the motivation behind Cryptowriter and Finney and where we're heading. Behind the Pixel brought the community another amazing artwork (#6). Here's the list of this week's drops:

  • Alvin Kelly (EOS and WAX)

  • Parvus De Caelo Pax (WAX)

  • Graffiti Kings HODL Warriors (WAX)

  • Mihi Vindicta (EOS)

Other on point Cryptowriter articles:

Diehards looking for more community and EOS info, check out these other Cryptowriter Podcast Network:

Remember, Sunday August 8th is the final day to submit entries to the Kool Keith contest.


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